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Size: Carton (96 tubes)
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Ticks spread Lyme disease and other illnesses to people. Get solid protection against these pests with Tick Control Tubes. They fit right into the environment and contain an ingredient that kills the ticks fast. With these tubes, there's no need to spray chemical pesticides throughout the yard. They're easy to use and start working right away to control the tick population.

How Tick Control Tubes Work

Tick Control Tubes are made of cardboard and resemble logs, so they blend in easily with the surrounding environment. Inside each tube is cotton with permethrin, a powerful chemical that is known to kill ticks quickly. It attacks their nervous system and causes paralysis and death within minutes. It's the perfect low-profile tick control product for killing backyard ticks that may carry Lyme disease.

Where to Use Tick Control Tubes

Use Tick Control Tubes in the backyard and other areas where ticks have been seen. They can be set out in tick-infested sites like brush, shrubs and trees. They're an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical pesticide sprays and are safe to use around kids and pets. Use them twice per year – once in late April and once again in mid-July. These are the most active times for ticks. Setting them out in August or September will also work to kill any larval ticks that may be out and looking for a blood meal.

Target Pests

Tick Control Tubes are specially designed to lure and kill ticks. Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever are just two of the most common tick-borne diseases. These tubes work quickly to eliminate these disease carriers and work best where the tick population is high. Applying the tubes in the spring will kill the ticks that are most often responsible for transmitting diseases. A summer application will kill off the larval ticks that will mature into disease carriers the following year.

Tick Control Tubes Features and Benefits

The ease of use is one of the main reasons to buy Tick Control Tubes for tick control. They don't harm kids or pets and are an environmentally friendly alternative to sprays. Just set them in the infested area, and let the tubes do the job. Two applications per year is all it takes to curb the tick population and to prevent the spread of Lyme disease. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Contains enough tubes to treat a 1-acre property
  • Kills backyard ticks that carry Lyme disease
  • Doesn't harm the environment or pets in the area
  • Requires only two applications per year
  • Setup takes just a few minutes

Stop Tick-Borne Diseases with Tick Control Tubes

It's important to control ticks early to prevent a full-blown infestation in the summer. Tick Control Tubes only need to be set out twice per year to reduce the number of ticks in the area. It works on adults and nymphs thanks to the percentage of permethrin in each tube. When looking for an effective yet eco-friendly alternative to chemical sprays, Tick Control Tubes deliver successful results in no time.

Manufacturer Thermacell Repellents Inc
Primary Pest Ticks
Utility  Traps
Active Ingredient Permethrin, Other ingredients
Composition 7.4%, 92.6%
Container Size 96 tubes per carton
Application Amount See label for details.

Customer Reviews

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Becky Evans
Works as promised!

We built a house, garage and four rental cabins on 5 acres of mostly forest. When we arrived the ticks were a constant problem. Getting on us every day. We have used Tick Control Tubes for 5 years and we rarely see a tick now. Last year only had three ticks on us! Heritage Professional Products Group has the best price we could find and fast shipping. Thanks.

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