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Sustane 16-4-8 is a time-released fertilizer and total plant nutrition product. It contains all the necessary micronutrients for growing healthier plants and can be used in planting nurseries to grow a variety of perennials. One application provides up to seven months of time-released nutrients in containers. It's the industry standard fertilizer for professional nursery producers and provides dependable performance compared to the competition.

What's in Sustane 16-4-8 180-Day?

Sustane provides a 16-4-8 blend of NPK, as well as all the vital micronutrients that plants need for healthy growth and development. It's rich in humic acids and is designed and tested to deliver superior growth compared to other fertilizers with a 4-1-2 ratio. It contains calcium and sulfur for improved growth and soil conditions for container-grown plants and shrubs, as well as other nutrients like iron, magnesium and organic matter.

Where to Use Sustane 16-4-8 180-Day

Sustane 16-4-8 is designed specially to be used on nursery stock and has a time-released nutrient package to deliver better results. As a nursery fertilizer, it's derived from aerobically composted turkey litter and urea nitrogen and can be used for the production of woody ornamentals and perennials. Use Sustane 16-4-8 to grow more beautiful and healthier azaleas, crape myrtles, boxwoods and daylilies. It's the ideal fertilizer to use in plant nurseries and gives producers the ultimate nutrient package to promote healthy growing plants.

Target Uses

One reason to use Sustane 16-4-8 is its nutrient-release formulation. Because it slowly releases nitrogen and other nutrients over time, there's less burn potential. It supplies all the primary and secondary micronutrients to the plants to enhance the process of photosynthesis. It also enhances the nutrient exchange between the plants and the soil, increasing the overall uptake efficiency. Just one application provides up to six or seven months of continuous nutrient release in the containers.

Sustane 16-4-8 Features and Benefits

Nursery producers benefit from Sustane 16-4-8 fertilizer. It produces predictable results every time, promoting higher-quality plants thanks to its total nutrition formula. It's very rich in humic acids, helps the plants complete photosynthesis, and strengthens the roots to withstand dry conditions. It's safe for most plants, as well as people and the environment. Some major features and benefits of Sustane 16-4-8 nursery fertilizer include:

  • Increases the ability for soil to hold more nutrients and water
  • Promotes stronger root systems
  • Balances the pH levels in the soil
  • Suppresses soil pathogens to produce more resilient plants
  • Improves the tolerance to stresses like heat and drought

Sustane 16-4-8 180-Day Performance

Sustane 16-4-8 offers 180-day performance in specialized time-released granules. It's a natural-based plant food with humic acids and vital micronutrients such as iron, calcium and sulfur for improved soil conditions and plant health. It delivers a steady supply of nitrogen and other nutrients thanks to its slow-release formula and protects the roots from drought, heat and fungal diseases. Whether it's used for producing healthier, more beautiful perennials or woody plants, nothing provides greater plant nutrition and more predictable results than Sustane 16-4-8 with 180-day performance.


Manufacturer Sustane
Active Ingredient 16-4-8 180 day performance
Container Size 50lb bag
Application Amount See label for details.


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