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Get to the root of weed problems quickly with SpeedZone EW broadleaf herbicide. It comes in an easy-pour 2.5-gallon jug and contains multiple active ingredients to kill the most stubborn weeds within two weeks. It can be used in established cool- and warm-season grasses and kills hard-to-control weeds like spurge and plantain. It starts to work immediately and is rainfast in only three hours.

How SpeedZone EW Herbicide Works

SpeedZone EW liquid broadleaf herbicide contains four active ingredients for maximum, fast-acting weed control: carfentrazone-ethyl, mecoprop-p acid, dicamba acid and 2,4-D. These four ingredients work together to burn down the toughest broadleaf weeds, showing visual damage within 24 hours. Plant death usually occurs within one to two weeks. It's highly selective and kills the labeled weeds without harming the surrounding turfgrass.

Where to Use SpeedZone EW

SpeedZone EW broadleaf herbicide can be used in a variety of sites, including home lawns and other residential lawns. It's also labeled for commercial properties, keeping the surrounding landscape free of invasive weed growth. It can also be applied on golf courses and other athletic and recreational turf. Use SpeedZone EW liquid herbicide on noncrop sites like cemeteries and roadsides, as well as fence rows and industrial areas. It only takes between 2 and 5 pints per acre to knock down the weeds depending on the turf. Refer to the product label for exact use rates and application times.

Target Weeds

SpeedZone EW herbicide targets and kills more than 90 broadleaf weeds, including tough species like clover and ground ivy. It kills and controls spurge and plantain, dandelion and oxalis, and dock and chickweed. Use it to burn down groundsel and henbit, as well as horseweed and purslane. It's effective at killing ragweed and thistle and eliminates wild garlic and kochia within seven to 14 days. Some other common listed weeds include dogfennel, pigweed, carpetweed and buckhorn.

Benefits of SpeedZone EW Herbicide

SpeedZone EW herbicide controls and suppresses dozens of broadleaf weeds, as well as postemergent grassy weeds like goosegrass (not for use in California). It has a short kill time and shows visual damage in just one day after application. It's applied easily as a foliar spray and can be used in warm- and cool-season grasses. Some of the main reasons why turf management professionals use SpeedZone EW broadleaf herbicide include:

  • Kills broadleaf weeds and listed grassy weeds
  • Contains four ingredients for faster, more effective weed control
  • For use on noncrop sites like roadsides, medians and ditches
  • Perfect for use on golf courses and recreational sites
  • Highly effective even at low use rates

SpeedZone EW Weed Killer Eliminates Weeds

For the best results, use SpeedZone EW broadleaf weed killer on young, actively growing weeds. This herbicide contains four ingredients to kill the weeds without negatively affecting the surrounding turfgrass. It can be applied everywhere from home lawns to parks and controls more than 90 different broadleaf weeds, from clover and dandelion to henbit and ragweed. When young weeds threaten to take over the landscape, knock them down quickly with the power of SpeedZone EW postemergent broadleaf herbicide.



PBI Gordon



Active Ingredient

2,4-D, 2-ethylhexyl ester, Mecoprop-p acid, Dicamba DMA, and Carfentrazone-ethy, other ingredients


25.86%, 6.84%, 1.91%, .57%, 64.82%

Container Size

1 gallon and 2.5 gallon jug

Application Amount

See label for details.


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Frederic Dreves
Would buy again

Speedzone EW is the only herbicide that I use. It works great.

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