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Bed bugs have been a problem since the beginning of time and have resurged in the past 20 years to cause problems for homes and businesses. They may not spread diseases, but they feed on blood and can cause allergic reactions in some people. SenSci Blackout Bed Bug Monitors are a useful product for monitoring bed bug activity in bedrooms, living rooms and other interior areas.

How SenSci Blackout Monitors Work

The SenSci Blackout is an interceptor developed for trapping, detecting and monitoring bed bug infestations. They're designed with a special texture that makes it easy for bed bugs to climb into the trap but hard for them to escape. They are placed under the legs of bed frames and furniture and trap the bugs as they climb up or down.

Where to Use SenSci LightsOut Interceptors

SenSci Blackout bed bug detectors can be used anywhere indoors to monitor bed bug infestation levels. They're designed with a black color to attract bed bugs and can be set under the legs of furniture in a home or business. Simply lift the bed frame leg up, and set a monitor underneath. The leg will fit inside the detector, trapping any bed bugs that try to climb up to the bed or escape from the bed to other parts of the room. Set the detectors under the legs of dressers, beds, couches, tables and other furniture.

Target Pests

The textured and hollow design makes the SenSci Blackout the perfect tool for intercepting and monitoring bed bugs. The black color makes it easy to identify immature bed bugs. The monitors are made from crack-resistant plastic, so they can withstand the weight of most any furniture in a home or business. They're made specifically for bed bugs and are not ideal for monitoring other bug infestations in the target areas.

Benefits of SenSci Blackout Monitors

Blackout Monitors are perfect to use when an interior has been recently treated for bed bugs. They give the homeowner peace of mind that any surviving bugs will be captured and kept off bedding and furniture. They can also be used in areas of suspected activity to monitor bed bugs that may be present but not yet detected. Some other benefits of Blackout bed bug detectors include:

  • Effective without the need for powders and additives
  • Textured exterior allows for easy climbing into the trap
  • Makes it easy to identify early instars in the area
  • Crack- and break-resistant plastic design
  • Can be used in homes and businesses

Monitor Bed Bug Activity with SenSci

SenSci Blackout bed bug interceptors are perfect for monitoring infestation levels in a room. When used with other SenSci products, such as the Volcano and Activ, it's easy to eliminate bed bugs without the need to use chemical sprays. These monitors are useful on their own with zero need for powders or other additives. Just place them under the legs of bed frames and furniture, and let the Blackout monitors do the rest.

Manufacturer SenSci
Primary Pest Bedbugs
Utility  Traps
Container Size 12x1 eaches
Application Amount See label for details.
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