Sector Misting


Size: Gallon Jug
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Sector Misting Concentrate provides effective, economical protection against a broad spectrum of flying pests. Reference the product label for the full list of pests killed or controlled.

  • Kills mosquitoes, including those that may transmit West Nile virus and Zika virus
  • Kills deer ticks that may transmit Lyme disease
  • Formulated for use in automatic misting systems
  • Will not harm most common ornamental plants
  • Combines active ingredient permethrin with synergist piperonyl butoxide (PBO) for enhanced control
Manufacturer MGK®
Active Ingredient Pyrethrins, Piperonyl Butox, MGK-264, Other Ingredients
Composition 10% 10% 80%
Container Size 64oz bottle or 1 gallon jug
Application Amount See label for details.
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