Pyrethrum TR Total Release Insecticide


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Pyrethrum TR total release insecticide eliminates the need for expensive equipment and services, providing a cost-efficient method for controlling aphids, beetles and other plant-damaging insects. It can be used on a variety of greenhouse plants and doesn't require any cleanup when it's done.

How Pyrethrum TR Insecticide Works

Pyrethrum TR, which stands for total release, is a broad-spectrum insecticide in a convenient fogging canister. It contains two active ingredients to knock down and control numerous insect pests, including mites and spiders. The primary ingredient is pyrethrins, which occur naturally in chrysanthemums. It paralyzes the insects and kills them within minutes of application. The second ingredient is piperonyl butoxide, a synergist that enhances the effectiveness of the active ingredient, making it more potent to the labeled insects.

Where to Use Pyrethrum TR Insecticide

Because it's a fogging application, Pyrethrum TR should be used in enclosed spaces such as greenhouses. It can be used in garden centers and planting nurseries to protect bedding plants, potted flowering plants and even vegetables, fruits and herbs from harmful insect pests. One canister treats up to 3,000 square feet and knocks down insects on cut flowers, foliage, hanging flower baskets and other ornamentals in the greenhouse. Use it to protect tubers and fruiting vegetables from caterpillars and whiteflies.

Target Pests

Pyrethrum TR targets a wide variety of insect pests in greenhouses and planting nurseries. It kills and controls ants and aphids, cucumber beetles and red flour beetles, and cadelles and mealybugs. Use this powerful fogger to knock down leafhoppers and leafminers, as well as several spider mite species. It's very effective against thrips and whiteflies, as well as crawling insects like silverfish and spiders. Whether it's fungus gnats or crickets, Pyrethrum TR delivers excellent knockdown and residual control.

Benefits of Pyrethrum TR Insecticide

Because of its active ingredients and convenient 2-ounce size, Pyrethrum TR is a cost-effective and easy-to-use insecticide for greenhouse use. Once it's set at the target location, it can treat 3,000 square feet within minutes. Let it stand overnight, and see outstanding results the next day. Some of the main benefits and features of this total release insecticide include:

  • Contains a powerful synergist for maximum pest control action
  • Controls everything from aphids to thrips and whiteflies
  • Can be used on cut flowers, fruiting vegetables, tubers, herbs and more
  • Comes in a 2-ounce canister for use in greenhouses and planting nurseries

Pyrethrum Total Release: A Cost-Efficient Fogger

It only takes one canister of Pyrethrum TR total release insecticide to see massive knockdown the next day. The active ingredients work quickly to eliminate everything from fungus gnats to flea beetles and rose slugs. It's safe to use in garden centers and hobby greenhouses, as well as on hanging flower baskets and cut flowers. When it comes to treating an enclosed space for plant-damaging insects, nothing comes close to the power and effectiveness of Pyrethrum TR total release fogging insecticide.


Manufacturer BASF
Active Ingredient Pyrethrins, Piperonyl Butoxide Other Ingredients
Composition 4.0%, 16.0%, 80%
Container Size 2 oz can
Weight of Container Size 1.0 lbs
Application Amount See label for details.
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