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Pylon is both an insecticide and a miticide, controlling pest infestations in commercial greenhouses. It targets the most plant-damaging pests and can be used on ornamental plants and fruiting vegetables. It continues to work for up to three weeks and can be combined with other insecticides for quick knockdown and residual activity. Whether it's fungus gnats or citrus mites, Pylon controls unwanted infestations.

How Pylon Insecticide Works

The active ingredient in Pylon broad-spectrum insecticide is chlorfenapyr. This chemical kills the insects and mites by interfering with their internal energy processes. It affects the insects at the cellular level, preventing them from being able to convert food into energy. They die as a result of cellular death. It affects the pests gradually and provides long-lasting control at the application site.

Where to Use Pylon Insecticide

Pylon insecticide and miticide is labeled for use in commercial greenhouses only. It's not recommended to use Pylon in residential areas or on outdoor growing crops. It can be used on most ornamental plants in the greenhouse, as well as labeled shrubs and trees. It can also be used on fruiting vegetable crops when applied as directed. For the best and most effective results, apply Pylon to the crops before they bloom and during the coolest part of the day. If pest infestations are severe, higher rates of Pylon may be needed.

Target Pests

Pylon broad-spectrum insecticide controls a variety of insect pests, including mites, in commercial greenhouses. It's effective at controlling various caterpillar species and fungus gnats, as well as western flower thrips and chili thrips. It can also be used to control foliar nematodes on the ornamentals. As a miticide, Pylon is successful at controlling infestations of two-spotted spider mites, rust mites and citrus mites, including cyclamen mites. Use it to control beet armyworms, cabbage loopers and other labeled pests on fruiting crops.

Benefits of Pylon Insecticide

The active ingredient in Pylon makes it a one-two punch in the fight against insects and mites. Though it's only labeled for use in commercial greenhouses, it provides workers and growers with an effective product for eliminating the toughest, most resistant plant-damaging pests. Once it's applied, Pylon is rainfast in as little as 60 minutes. Some features and benefits include:

  • Provides excellent control of various thrips species
  • Controls insects and mites for up to 21 days after application
  • Works on adult pests as well as the nymphal stages
  • Has registered status as a foliar nematode product
  • Exceptional translaminar activity for increased control on both sides of the leaves

Pylon Exterminates Mites and Insects

Once Pylon insecticide has been applied in the greenhouse, it only takes about 72 hours for the labeled pests to die. It may take longer for foliar nematodes to fall. Pylon provides broad-spectrum control of adult mites and nymphs, as well as resistant thrips such as the western flower thrips and chili thrips. No matter if it's a fungus gnat infestation or broad mites, the active ingredient in Pylon eliminates the pests in just a few days.

Manufacturer BASF
Active Ingredient Chlorfenapyr, Other Ingredients
Composition 21.4%, 78.6%
Container Size .5 Gallon Jug
Application Amount See label for details.


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