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Preventive weed control is the key to keeping unwanted weeds from showing up in spring and summer. Princep is a liquid herbicide made for turf and ornamental applications. It has a potent formula for stopping weeds from emerging and preventing future weeds from re-emerging once they've been removed from the area.

How Princep Herbicide Works

Princep T&O contains simazine as the active ingredient. It works by inhibiting photosynthesis in the target weeds. If any seedlings do emerge, they will die soon afterward. It's absorbed through the roots and moves through the weed, halting its growth and killing it. It's best to use Princep with a post-emergent herbicide for complete weed control across the entire lawn.

Where to Use Princep T&O

Princep is designed for use on warm-season turf and can be applied to residential and commercial lawns. It can be used on golf courses to prevent excessive weed growth, as well as in areas used to grow turf and plants, such as nurseries and sod farms (only in Florida). Use it to stop weeds from growing on Christmas tree plantations, as well as around ornamental plantings when tank-mixed.

Features and Benefits

Even certain areas without weeds are prone to weed growth due to several factors. Birds, animals and wind carry seeds and can start unwanted weed growth throughout the year. Areas without visible weed growth may have pre-emergent weeds beneath the soil. Using Princep will stop them from growing, producing seeds, and transferring them to other parts of the landscape. Other benefits of using Princep herbicide include:

  • Controls annual broadleaf and grassy weeds
  • Perfect for use in warm-season grass
  • Kills pre-emergent crabgrass and goosegrass
  • Can be used for residential and commercial turf
  • Controls weeds on golf courses

Kill Pre-Emergent Weeds with Princep

Princep Turf and Ornamental Liquid Herbicide is made for stubborn grassy weeds like groundsel and crabgrass. It controls pre-emergent weeds on commercial landscapes, residential lawns, golf courses, sod farms and more. When combined with post-emergent herbicides, Princep ensures a weed-free appearance throughout warm-season lawns.






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2.5 gallons

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