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Fungal diseases attack both cool- and warm-season grasses. With Pillar SC fungicide, it's easy to take control of the diseases before they ruin the turf. It's a broad-spectrum fungicide with two active ingredients for better and more effective disease control. Whether it's brown patch or dollar spot, Pillar suspension concentrate works fast and provides residual activity for almost a month.

How Pillar SC Works

Pillar SC fungicide contains triticonazole and pyraclostrobin. These two ingredients work differently but together to control the disease. The first ingredient is a sterol biosynthesis inhibitor that works on contact and systemically. The second ingredient inhibits the disease's normal respiration, thus suffocating and killing the fungus.

Where to Use Pillar SC

Use Pillar SC fungicide to control and prevent fungal diseases in cool- and warm-season grasses. It can be applied on home lawns, including other residential turf such as apartment complexes, townhouse landscapes and more. Use it to control diseases on commercial turf, as well as recreational grasses, municipal turf and non-crop sites like cemeteries and rights-of-way.

Features and Benefits

Pillar provides broad-spectrum disease control and works on everything from anthracnose and fairy ring to summer patch and gray snow mold. It works fast and provides residual control for 28 days. Main benefits include:

  • Controls more than 25 different fungal diseases
  • Provides contact and systemic activity
  • Can be used on residential lawns

Control Plant Diseases with Pillar SC

Pillar SC controls diseases and improves the health of the turf. It can be used alone or in tank mixes with other fungicides or herbicides to provide even more control. It mixes easily and doesn't clog sprayers, making it perfect for all professional disease control applications.







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17.95%, 15.8%

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43.5oz Bottle

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