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Pageant Intrinsic Fungicide provides broad-spectrum control of various fungal diseases on residential and commercial landscapes. It can be used in greenhouses to protect crops from damaging fungal infections. It contains two active ingredients that work together to eliminate the fungus as well as to improve overall plant health. Pageant protects against the most common diseases and helps the plants resist stress and future fungal growths.

How Pageant Intrinsic Works

Pageant Intrinsic Fungicide contains two active ingredients for greater disease control: pyraclostrobin and boscalid. When used as a curative treatment, the combined ingredients kill and control the fungal pathogens. When used as a preventive treatment, the combination improves the plant's health and increases its resistance to stress such as drought and extreme cold, as well as future infections. It can also reduce leaf damage during transport.

Where to Use Pageant Intrinsic

Pageant Intrinsic is labeled for use in outdoor planting nurseries, greenhouses and lathhouses. It can be used in shade houses and forest nurseries. Use it to protect conifer plantations from fungal infections, as well as on golf courses to keep diseases from destroying the turf. Pageant can be used on both residential and commercial landscapes, including retail nurseries where various bedding plants and ornamentals are sold. Apply it on the plants in interiorscapes and in containers such as flats and pots.

Target Diseases

Pageant Intrinsic Fungicide targets the most common fungal diseases. It kills and controls anthracnose and blossom blight. It helps to control other diseases like downy mildew and powdery mildew. Use Pageant to kill and control leaf spot, crown and basal rot, and various rusts and scabs. It's highly effective against blights, such as phytophthora aerial blight. Depending on the infection, Pageant can be applied as a foliar spray, a drench or by chemigation. Refer to the instructions for exact details.

Pageant Intrinsic Features and Benefits

The active ingredients in Pageant Intrinsic Fungicide make it very effective for curative and preventive disease control. It not only kills existing fungal diseases but also prevents them while making the plant healthier and more resistant to stresses caused by weather and diseases. It kills the most common diseases, from anthracnose to powdery mildew, and can be used on golf courses and outdoor nurseries. Some features and benefits include:

  • Can be applied in multiple ways for greater control
  • Contains two active ingredients for improved effectiveness
  • For use in outdoor greenhouses and residential landscapes
  • Protects interiorscapes from fungal infections
  • Available in a 12-pound bag for large use rates

Pageant Intrinsic Provides Broad-Spectrum Control

Pageant Intrinsic Fungicide is the perfect tank-mix partner with other fungicides when it's important to kill and prevent plant diseases. It can also be mixed with insecticides and fertilizers, making it a must-have product for use in a rotation program. It kills invasive fungal diseases and can be used preventively to increase plant health and resistance. Whether the plants or turf are prone to diseases by anthracnose, mildews or rusts, Pageant Intrinsic kills them with a single application.

Manufacturer BASF
Active Ingredient Pyraclostrobin, Boscalid, Other Ingredients
Composition 12.8%, 25.2%, 62.0%
Container Size 1lb Jug or 12lb Bags
Application Amount See label for details.


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