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Gravity® L 28-0-0 is a liquid micronutrient fertilizer with a high percentage of nitrogen to encourage healthy growing plants. It also contains a proprietary Technology to enhance droplet adhesion and the uptake of nutrients into the turf. It corrects and prevents nitrogen deficiencies and is formulated for all turf, ornamental and horticultural applications.

How Gravity L 28-0-0 Works

Gravity L 28-0-0 is a nitrogen-based fertilizer with 11.2 percent urea nitrogen and 16.8 other water-soluble nitrogen. As a liquid micronutrient fertilizer, it's easy to apply and enhances plant growth over a duration. Because it contains two nitrogen types, it provides quick green-up and controlled-release for a steady delivery of the nutrient over time. When applied as directed, Gravity L can cure and prevent nitrogen deficiency in the turf and plants.

Where to Use Gravity L 28-0-0

Gravity L 28-0-0 can be mixed with most common pesticides and applied to all turf areas, including residential and commercial lawns. It can also be applied to recreational sites, as well as sports fields and golf course tees, greens, fairways and other turf areas. Apply it using a backpack sprayer on trees and ornamentals, lawns and other grassy areas to promote healthy growth. It can also be applied using overhead irrigation systems. Refer to the label and instructions for use to see the exact target sites and application rates for the best results.

Target Uses

Gravity L 28-0-0 is used to correct and prevent nitrogen deficiency in turf, trees and plants. A nitrogen deficiency can occur during poor weather and having a lack of nitrogen in the soil. It can be used alone in the spray tank or combined with other plant nutrients or pesticides depending on the need. It should always be applied according to the label to prevent damage caused by excessive nitrogen application. Always refer to the label for exact application rates.

Gravity L Features and Benefits

The proprietary Technology makes Gravity L a must-have liquid fertilizer. It's an adjuvant system that promotes greater absorption of the nutrients. It enhances total droplet adhesion and spreading and maximizes nutrient efficiency. Overall, Gravity L boosts nitrogen levels and ensures healthy plant development. Some major features and benefits of Gravity L 28-0-0 include:

  • A perfect liquid fertilizer with proprietary Technology for improved uptake
  • Contains two types of nitrogen to prevent and cure deficiencies
  • Can be combined with plant nutrients and common pesticides in the tank
  • For use in turf, ornamental and horticultural applications
  • Delivers a high rate of nitrogen to the target plants

Gravity L 28-0-0 Slow-Release Nitrogen

Gravity L 28-0-0 is a highly effective nitrogen-based, liquid fertilizer to promote healthy growing plants. It can be used on golf courses to improve the health and development of the tees, fairways and greens, as well as on other recreational sites, home lawns and other turf areas. It provides a readily available source of nitrogen to encourage quick green-up and also a controlled-release component to deliver a steady stream of nitrogen to the turf, trees, ornamentals and more.


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Container Size

2.5 gal

Application Amount

See label for details.





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Craig Mucerino
Gravity L 28-0-0

This is second time I'm using this and I like it. It's like spoon feeding, but I'm still learning this product. Next time for second ap I will try the 18-0-6. I spray it with GC RGS and Micro Greene for some iron. But use antifoam when combining these products.

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