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Nutrient deficiencies lead to all sorts of turf and ornamental damage, such as yellowing and localized brown patches. Gravity® L 18-0-6 takes care of these problems by giving the plants more nitrogen and potassium. This fertilizer can be used on a variety of turf sites, such as golf courses, and helps the grass and other turf areas withstand the stresses caused by drought and extreme temperatures. It also includes Max-In Technology for improved performance.

How Gravity L 18-0-6 Works

Gravity L 18-0-6 contains a total of 18 percent urea nitrogen, which is divided into 9 percent urea nitrogen and 9 percent water-soluble nitrogen. It also contains 6 percent soluble potash (K20). Included in the fertilizer are other micronutrients: 0.5 percent chelated iron and 0.2 percent chelated manganese. To help improve uptake and movement of the nutrients, Max-In Technology has been added.

Where to Use Gravity L 18-0-6

Gravity L fertilizers are formulated for use on all turf sites, including ornamental applications. It can be used on residential lawns and commercial landscapes, as well as industrial turf sites. Recreational turf such as golf course greens benefit from Gravity L 18-0-6 as it prevents the stress damage brought on by drought, disease and other conditions. Use it on sandy soils where potassium easily leaches. Apply it to trees and ornamentals, lawns and other turf areas, and also throughout the golf course to improve the drought resistance on greens, tees, fairways and roughs.

Target Uses

Gravity L 18-0-6 is a micronutrient fertilizer, so it's main purpose is to help cure and prevent nutrient deficiencies in the turf and plants. Though it has a low nitrogen rate, it provides enough of the nutrient to correct any deficiency without burning the lawn, that is if it's used as directed. It provides the lawn, turf, ornamentals and other labeled sites with nitrogen, potassium and other nutrients to prevent stress damage, which can occur during times of extreme heat, cold and drought.

Gravity L Features and Benefits

Gravity L 18-0-6 contains nitrogen and potassium, with additional micronutrients such as iron and manganese in the formula. It benefits the lawn and other turf areas, including trees and ornamentals, with ample soluble potash to help them withstand environmental stress from drought and diseases. It will maintain the turgor pressure in the plants, improving their hardiness and resistance to heat and cold. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Contains a proprietary Technology for improved nutrient uptake
  • Perfect for all turf, ornamental and horticultural applications
  • Provides a steady nutrient delivery that resists leaching
  • Ideal for plants that are grown in sandy soils

Gravity L 18-0-6 for Healthy Growing Plants

Gravity L 18-0-6 with Max-In Technology is the ideal nitrogen-potash fertilizer to use during the season. It can be used on golf courses to improve the health and development of the turf, as well as on other sites like home lawns and more. It provides a foliar option to deliver potassium to turf and plants in sandy soils while also improving the plants' heat, cold and drought tolerance.


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