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Gravity® L Camino is a groundbreaking liquid fertilizer designed to redefine the standards of plant nutrition. Derived from a renewable oilseed extract, this innovative product is the result of a unique fermentation process that unlocks essential amino acids, creating a highly effective organic fertilizer. Its standout feature is its low salt index, which permits higher application rates than other organic fertilizers. This makes it perfect for seedlings and young plants, offering optimal nourishment without the risk of burn or damage.

How Gravity L Camino Works

Gravity® L Camino’s unique composition includes 3% nitrogen, 1% phosphate (P2O5), and 1% soluble potash (K2O), along with essential micros and minerals such as sulfur, copper, boron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, and iron. To ensure a well-rounded nutrient profile, these ingredients also contain organic compounds like proteins, carbon, sugars, 19 amino acids, and 5 vitamins. This blend is designed to stimulate early growth and foster robust root systems while also providing precise nutrient supplementation to address deficiencies.

Where to Use Gravity® L Camino

Gravity® L Camino is versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, including golf courses, lawn care, ornamental nurseries and greenhouses, and sports turf. Its gentle yet effective formula promotes healthy plant development across various settings.

Application Guidelines

For Turf: Apply 1-2 gallons per acre, once per month, during the growing season.

For Ornamentals:

  • Soil Application: 1–10 gallons per acre.
  • Foliar Application: Apply 1 quart to 5 gallons per acre.

Gravity® L Camino Features and Benefits

Gravity® L Camino is more than just a fertilizer; it’s a comprehensive plant health solution. Its features and benefits include:

  • Free of pathogens and heavy metals, ensuring safe use
  • Effortlessly mixes with cold water for easy application
  • Lacks a strong odor, making it pleasant to work with
  • Ideal as a supplemental product within an established fertilizer program
  • Stimulates early growth and plant development for a robust start

Gravity® L Camino: For Healthy, Thriving Plants

Choose Gravity® L Camino for a sustainable, effective approach to plant nutrition. It’s not just a fertilizer; it’s a commitment to the health and vitality of your plants. Whether you’re managing a golf course, nurturing a home lawn, or overseeing ornamental greenhouses, Gravity® L Camino is your partner in achieving lush, vibrant growth and development.

Manufacturer Heritage PPG
Utility  Fertilizer
Description 3-1-1 + micros, 19 amino acids, 5 vitamins, sugar, low-salt index
Analysis 3-1-1
Application Amount See label for details.


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