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Gentrol IGR Tip-n-Measure isn't an insecticide. It's an insect growth regulator, also called an IGR. It can be sprayed in many different areas to target the pests where they live and breed, such as in cracks and crevices and wall voids. Gentrol's mode of action may not kill adult insects, but it does prevent the pests from reproducing and causing future infestations. It comes in a convenient tip-n-measure jug for easy measuring and pouring.

How Gentrol IGR Tip-n-Measure Works

Gentrol IGR Tip-n-Measure contains hydroprene as the active ingredient. It's not like the chemicals that are used in traditional insecticides, such as pyrethroids. Hydroprene stops reproduction in the pests and targets the larval stages. It prevents the immature insects from maturing to the pupal stage, ending the infestation before it occurs.

Where to Use Gentrol IGR

Gentrol can be used in cracks and crevices and in other places where pests are found. Spray it in homes and apartment complexes, as well as in nursing homes and other residential living areas. It can be applied in commercial structures to prevent infestations. Use it as a spray or a fogger in hotels, warehouses and restaurants. It's labeled as safe to use in food-handling areas either as a spray or a fog. It can also be applied in schools and supermarkets, as well as in retail shops and other areas where pests may cause an infestation.

Target Pests

Gentrol IGR Tip-n-Measure targets stored product pests, which include insects like flour moths and rice weevils. It's also an effective pest control product for cockroach control, reducing the population within days or weeks of application depending on the severity. It's also effective against flying pests such as fruit flies. Resistant insects such as bed bugs are also prone to the active ingredient in Gentrol IGR. Though this IGR won't kill the adults, it will prevent them from developing and growing into mature insects.

Gentrol Tip-n-Measure Features and Benefits

Gentrol is an effective insect growth regulator and is a step above similar IGRs on the market. It's a residual pest control concentrate and provides continuous protection for up to four months when applied as directed. It controls everything from roaches to pantry pests, as well as bed bugs in residential areas and hotels. The primary benefits of using Gentrol IGR Tip-n-Measure for insect control include:

  • Useful as a spray or a fog
  • Can be used in restaurants within food-handling areas
  • Provides residual control for four months
  • For use in homes and businesses
  • Combines with insecticides for maximum pest control action
  • Comes in an easy tip-n-measure container

Gentrol Tip-n-Measure is an Effective IGR

An insect growth regulator may not kill adult insects like an insecticide would do, but it prevents reproduction in the target insects, ending an infestation. Use Gentrol IGR with an approved pesticide to knock out infestations on contact and to provide continuous protection against reinfestations. Whether it's a problem with drain flies or cockroaches, Gentrol IGR Tip-n-Measure Concentrate can reduce the pest population and continue to regulate the insects for up to four months after application.

Manufacturer Wellmark™
Primary Pest General Purpose
Utility  Growth Regulator
Active Ingredient (S)-Hydroprene, Other Ingredients
Composition 9%, 91%
Container Size 1 pint
Case Amount 6x1 pint
Application Amount See label for details.



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