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Canadian geese have become more of a problem over the years as their numbers increase. Their flocks aren't only seen around lakes and ponds but also on commercial and residential properties, even alongside city roads and medians. Flight Control Max is a goose repellent used to make their food source unappealing, thus driving them away.

How Flight Control Max Works

Flight Control Max contains anthraquinone as the active ingredient. It's a naturally occurring compound found in many different plants and grasses. It acts as a digestive irritant to birds, especially geese, and will cause discomfort and bowel irritability. It doesn't harm the birds but will affect them enough to drive them away and keep them from returning to the treated grass.

Where to Use Flight Control Max

Use it anywhere Canadian geese have invaded a property and begun to feed on the grass. It can be used on everything from residential lawns to commercial landscapes, even ornamental grasses that geese could possibly attack and leave behind droppings and turf-damaging bacteria. Once treated with Flight Control Max, the grass will have a natural barrier against geese.

Features and Benefits

Canadian geese will be able to see the treated grass as it is visible to them in UV light. They will soon learn after eating the grass that it causes stomach discomfort. Seeing the treated grass and feeling the effects will teach them to avoid the area altogether and to find a new food source elsewhere. Other main benefits include:

Repel Geese with Flight Control Max

With Flight Control Max, there's no need to use loud deterrents to drive away the geese. The spray solution conditions the grass and becomes visible in the UV spectrum that only the geese can see. They will learn by the appearance and the after effects to avoid the treated area. The rain won't wash it away, and it won't leave behind a residue, stains or a foul odor.


Manufacturer Arkion Life Sciences
Primary Pest Birds
Utility  Repellants
Active Ingredient 9,10 anthraquinone, Other Ingredients
Composition 18.6%
Container Size 1 gallon
Case Amount 4x1 gallon
Application Amount See label for details.



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