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Product is restricted use in the state of California.Those who purchase must have a pesticide license.

Rats and mice cause widespread damage in homes and businesses, such as chewed wiring and gnawed baseboards. They also transmit diseases and leave behind infected fleas indoors. Final All-Weather Blox is a rodenticide with an active ingredient that kills the rodents and eliminates infestations. It can be used alone or inside bait stations to keep it fresh and to protect against tampering.

How Final All-Weather Blox Works

Final All-Weather Blox contains brodifacoum as the active ingredient. It's an anticoagulant and begins to work at the moment of ingestion. It travels from the rodent's digestive system to the bloodstream, preventing the blood from clotting and causing bleeding. It causes death within 24 to 36 hours in most cases. Blox can be used alone or with other rodenticides for greater rat and mouse control in and around homes and businesses.

Where to Use Final All-Weather Blox

Final Blox rodenticide can be used in rural and urban areas to eliminate rodent infestations. It can be used indoors and outdoors to keep rats and mice from infesting homes, public buildings and other structures such as warehouses, sheds and barns. Use it to control rat infestations in and around agricultural buildings, as well as in transport vehicles like trains and ships to prevent an infestation. Final Blox can also be placed in alleys to target infestations and to stop them from relocating to other areas.

Target Pests

Final Blox is an all-weather rodenticide, making it ideal for outdoor use in extreme weather. When used outside to target mice and rats, the bait should be placed in bait stations to prevent children and nontarget animals from contacting and consuming the bait. In cases of accidental ingestion, vitamin K1 is administered as an antidote. Final Blox targets various rat species, such as Norway rats and roof rats, as well as common house mice and meadow voles.

Benefits of Final Blox for Rodent Control

Final All-Weather Blox works indoors and outdoors (in rat bait stations) to target rats, mice and other rodents. It can last in extreme temperatures and rain, continuing to provide the rats with effective bait no matter the season. The bait is red in color and has many gnawing edges to attract the rodents. Some benefits of using Final Blox for rodent control include:

  • Works whether it's wet, dry, hot or cold
  • Takes between one and five days to kill the rodents
  • Can be used in tamper-resistant bait stations
  • For use in homes, businesses and agricultural areas
  • Provides quick kills and long-lasting control

Final All-Weather Blox Kills Rats and Mice

Rodents will continue to breed out of control if a bait or other rodenticide isn't used. Because these pests spread diseases, it's important to treat them right away before they cause serious harm to people. Final All-Weather Blox is an effective rodent control product and can be used no matter the temperature or the season. It contains enough active ingredients per block to kill numerous rats in one feeding. Whether it's house mice or Norway rats, Final Blox works quickly to eliminate an infestation.


This product is registered in all states except for Alaska.  This product is also considered restricted use in the state of California. Those that purchase the product and are shipping it to California must submit a pesticide license before the product is sent. 

Primary Pest Rodent
Utility  Tracking Powder
Active Ingredient Brodifacoum, Other Ingredients 
Composition .005%, 99.995%
Container Size 4 lb
Case Amount 4x4 lb
Application Amount See label for details.



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Michael T.
as expected, fast delivery

as expected, fast delivery

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Works fast moisture resistant

Works fast moisture resistant

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