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Want to know how to kill weeds fast? Use Fiesta Turf Weed Killer to see quick results within a few hours of application. What makes it so special for killing weeds at home? It contains natural ingredients to get rid of weeds without the need to apply chemicals. It's rainfast in only three hours, and people and pets can enter the application area once it dries.

How Fiesta Turf Weed Killer Works

Fiesta contains 26 percent iron HEDTA (FeHEDTA). Though iron is a beneficial micronutrient for turf and broadleaf weeds, it seems that weeds absorb more iron by volume than grass. Because the weeds absorb more iron, Fiesta overloads them with the nutrient and causes oxidative damage at the cellular level.

As the weeds absorb the excess iron, it causes necrosis in the tissue and total plant death not long after. Since Fiesta only contains iron as the active ingredient, there's no worry about chemicals being applied in the area. It's a low-risk alternative to synthetic herbicides and only requires 5 ounces per 1 gallon of water to treat a large site.

Where to Use Fiesta Weed Killer

Fiesta Turf Weed Killer can be used most anywhere weeds grow and ruin the lawn or landscape. Apply it on home lawns and other residential turf areas around apartment buildings, retirement communities, condos and more. It can be applied to most any turf site around commercial properties to keep the grass free of invasive broadleaf weeds.

It's labeled for use on rights-of-way and noncrop sites, as well as recreational areas like parks and playgrounds. It keeps weeds from taking over athletic fields and other sports turf, including the entire golf course. It's the ideal herbicide to use in cemeteries to keep the lawn pristine and green.

It's important to mention, however, to use a coarse nozzle setting when applying Fiesta to reduce drift. Uniform coverage is also important to provide the best results. Though it's possible to see results in just a few hours, it may be necessary to retreat the area in three to four weeks to achieve optimal weed death and control.

Target Weeds

Broadleaf weeds quickly take over landscapes and require a proven herbicide not only to get rid of them but also to keep them from regrowing. Fiesta does that thanks to its effective yet natural formulation. The heavy dose of iron HEDTA becomes readily available for the weeds, causing visible injury within a few hours and complete weed death not long after the application.

It kills and controls many different weed species in home lawns and other turf sites. Some of the most common weeds to control using Fiesta herbicide include:

  • Bull thistle
  • Dandelion
  • Speedwell
  • White clover

Fiesta also helps to suppress certain weeds, some of which require high rates to achieve the best results, such as common chickweed. When used as directed, it will suppress black medic and English daisy while also controlling creeping buttercup.

Fiesta Features and Benefits

No one wants to wait around for weeks to see noticeable signs of weed control. Fiesta works quickly. Dying weeds can be seen within hours of application. While it controls and suppresses many different broadleaf weeds, one of the main benefits of using Fiesta is its ability to control moss. Treated moss will turn brown or black not long after application.

During treatment, the grass blades may darken slightly and underlying thatch may stain. However, none of this affects the health of the turf. Darkened grass will recover in just a few days in most cases. Some of the common features and benefits of using Fiesta for weed control include:

  • Shows visible results in a few hours
  • Contains iron HEDTA instead of synthetic chemicals
  • Treats up to 10,000 square feet with 1 gallon concentrate
  • Controls broadleaf weeds and moss
  • Rainfast in as little as three hours

Once Fiesta dries on the application site, anyone can enter without the worry of leftover synthetic chemicals lingering on the grass.

Say Goodbye to Weeds with Fiesta

Fiesta Turf Weed Killer is the ideal alternative to chemical herbicides. Broadleaf weeds uptake more iron than grass, and the formulation in Fiesta takes advantage of this. One application is enough to cause injury to the weeds in a few hours, causing total weed death in a matter of days. It controls the most common broadleaf weeds while also providing suppression of black medic and other labeled weeds. It's an effective herbicide to control weeds and moss on home lawns, commercial sites, sports fields and more.







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