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For those looking to treat pest infestations without using toxic chemicals, Essentria G granular insecticide is the solution. This all-natural insecticide uses essential oils to kill insect pests in outdoor areas such as home lawns and commercial landscapes. It's a safe, cost-effective and nontoxic insecticide that gives homeowners and pest control professionals a powerful alternative to chemical pesticides.

How Essentria G Insecticide Works

Essentria G Insecticide comes in a convenient, easy-to-use granule formulation that can be applied to the target area with a hand spreader. It contains the active ingredients thyme oil, wintergreen oil and eugenol, which comes from clove oil. These ingredients work together to kill the pests and to provide residual control after they're dispersed in the area. Once they're spread out, water them in with a spray hose, and let the area dry for 12 hours. It should then be safe to have pets enter the area.

Where to Use Essentria G Insecticide

Use Essentria G Granular Insecticide in landscaped areas and perimeters around homes, businesses, schools and other public areas. In fact, it's an outstanding alternative to chemical pesticides for use around schools, organic facilities and other sensitive areas. Apply it to kill and control turf pests on home lawns and ornamental pests around industrial buildings. It's intended primarily for outdoor use and is an excellent organic treatment for pests on turf around government and municipal buildings.

Target Insects

Essentria G granules affect a variety of insect pests and arachnids outdoors in lawns and around perimeters. It's an effective ant control product, helping to get rid of fire ants and other ant colonies. Use it to control bermudagrass mites and chiggers in the lawn, as well as centipedes and chinch bugs, which can cause massive damage to the turf. The active ingredients in Essentria G successfully take care of earwig infestations, as well as leafhoppers, fleas and fall armyworms.

Essentria G Insecticide Features and Benefits

Organic insecticides that provide fast and effective results are oftentimes preferred by homeowners. Essentria G contains essential oils as the active ingredients and provides excellent results when targeting everything from ants to cockroaches. It can be used in an integrated pest management (IPM) program alongside other organic pesticides. Some other benefits of Essentria include:

  • Blocks octopamine sensors for quick kills
  • Provides residual pest control with one application
  • Leaves behind a pleasant minty scent
  • Applies easily with handheld spreaders
  • Can be used on home lawns and commercial turf

Essentria G Insecticide is Easy to Use

There's no reason to reach for a toxic pesticide when it's possible to get the same results with the natural ingredients in Essentria G Granular Insecticide. It's safe to use and fast and effective against the most resistant insect pests like cockroaches and fleas. Because it uses wintergreen oil as part of the formulation, the treated area smells minty fresh. Whether it's fleas and leafhoppers or ants and chiggers, the active ingredients in Essentria work quickly to eliminate infestations while preventing new occurrences in the lawn.


Manufacturer Zoecon
Primary Pest General Purpose
Utility  Granular 
Active Ingredient Eugenol, Tyhme Oil
Composition 2.9%, .6%
Container Size 22lb
Application Amount See label for details.
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