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Armadillos haven't just taken over areas in Texas; they've also spread to other parts of the country. As they relocate, they breed and become more of a nuisance for homeowners. Armadillo Scram is an all-natural repellent that keeps these nuisance pests from digging up home lawns. One application provides residual pest control even when it rains. It's also nontoxic, so there's no worry about harming people or pets.

How Armadillo Scram Professional Works

Armadillos are known for digging holes in lawns, but they're not doing it for the fun of it. They're in search of their favorite food sources: white grubs and other insects. Removing their food sources with an insecticide is half the battle. The other half is repelling the critters from the area. Armadillo Scram uses natural ingredients, such as thyme oil, garlic oil and white pepper, to repel the armadillos from home lawns and recreational areas.

Where to Use Armadillo Scram Pro

Because Armadillo Scram uses all-natural ingredients, it's safe to use anywhere outdoors to protect turfgrass from armadillos. It's both environmentally safe and nontoxic, so it can be used in areas where children play, such as playgrounds and parks. It protects golf courses and athletic fields from holes dug up by hungry armadillos. Use Armadillo Scram on residential properties to keep the grass intact and to keep armadillos away. Scram is applied easily with a rotary spreader and continues to work long after application.

Target Pests

Armadillo Scram is specially formulated to keep armadillos off residential, commercial and recreational landscapes. It contains six active ingredients for maximum power:

  • Caster oil
  • Citronella oil
  • Garlic oil
  • Rosemary oil
  • Thyme oil
  • White Pepper

Armadillos don't seem to like this combination, making Armadillo Scram an effective repellent against these nuisance pests. It may have an effect on other critters in the area, but its primary target is armadillos.

Advantages of Armadillo Scram Repellent

What makes Armadillo Scram so good is its all-natural, environmentally friendly ingredients. This product doesn't harm the armadillos in any way. It just keeps them from coming into an area and digging up holes in search of food. The active ingredients don't cause harm to people, pets or other animals, making it safe to use outdoors in many different areas for effective armadillo control. The main benefits of this repellent include:

  • It's easy to apply with a rotary spreader.
  • It's made with natural ingredients.
  • It's safe to use on home lawns and recreational areas.
  • It lingers in the area and lasts even when raining.

Keep Armadillos at Bay With Armadillo Scram Pro

Armadillos may seem cute from a distance, but these pests will dig holes in lawns and recreational sites, creating a mess wherever they go. This all-natural armadillo repellent keeps the pests from coming onto the property and ruining the landscape. It contains natural oils and white pepper to create a pungent odor, driving the armadillos from the area. It starts to work as soon as it's applied to the lawn and will continue to provide effective results even in the worst weather.

Manufacturer Epic Enviro Protection Industries Company, Inc.
Primary Pest Armadillo
Utility  Repellants
Active Ingredient Castor Oil, Thyme Oil, Rosemary Oil, White Pepper, Garlic Oil, Citronella Oil, Other Ingredients
Composition 11%,1.10%,1%,5%,.1%,.75%,81.05%
Container Size 22 lb pail
Application Amount See label for details.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Karen D.
Spoke to soon

We posted the first review. For 1 week it was heaven. Then it stopped working & it was just as bad as before.
We put out 2 buckets 22lbs ea. I am still grateful for the 1 week I had of peace but during that time I ordered 3 more 22lb buckets I need to return the product didn't last long.

James D.

We have 4 that party in my beautiful yard & nothing has worked short of a gun. My husband bought 2 of these & I cant thank u enough. Not 1 hole. I was spending 3hrs everyday filling in holes & not just a few. There were destroying our home foundation as well. I will do this every 30 days for as long as u carry it. Bless u for the help.

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