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Crabgrass and other weeds ruin the look of lawns around residences and businesses. Drive XLR8 is an herbicide that provides postemergent control of crabgrass and other nuisance weeds. It's rainfast in less than an hour and absorbs quickly into the weed, providing visual results in a few days. It can be used on home lawns and recreational turf like golf courses and athletic fields.

How Drive XLR8 Herbicide Works

Drive XLR8 contains the active ingredient quinclorac, a synthetic auxin that disrupts the hormone balance in the weed. It also inhibits protein synthesis, causing the weed to stop growing and die. This active chemical is used most often in herbicides that target crabgrass, so Drive can be used as a spot treatment for severe crabgrass overgrowth.

Where to Use Drive XLR8

Drive XLR8 postemergent herbicide is labeled for use on residential, commercial, industrial and recreational turfgrass. It controls crabgrass, sedges and broadleaf weeds throughout home lawns and business landscapes. It can also be applied to sod farms to control crabgrass and other weeds that threaten the soil quality and crop. Use Drive XLR8 to kill weeds and sedges on sports fields, parks, playgrounds and other recreational sites. It keeps the weeds from competing with the grass on golf courses and ruining the overall look of the landscape. It can be tank-mixed with other pre- and postemergent herbicides for more control of broadleaf weeds and grasses.

Target Weeds

Drive XLR8 is specially formulated for the control of crabgrass throughout lawns and landscapes. It tackles the toughest infestations of barnyardgrass and bindweed, killing them and preventing them from spreading to other areas. It's effective at controlling clover and dandelions, as well as daisies and dollarweed. Apply Drive to areas with infestations of foxtail, speedwell and torpedograss to stop them from competing with the turf and other plants.

Benefits of Drive XLR8 for Weed Control

Crabgrass can easily overtake a lawn if it's not controlled with an effective herbicide. Drive XLR8 can be used alone or with other herbicides for maximum control. It can even be tank-mixed with a surfactant to improve the coverage and the effectiveness of the active ingredient. It's rainfast in as little as an hour and starts to work quickly once it's absorbed by the weed. Other benefits of Drive XLR8 herbicide include:

  • Kills and controls both smooth and large crabgrass
  • Controls the most common broadleaf weeds and grasses
  • For use on home lawns, commercial landscapes and recreational sites
  • Ready to use and mixes easily in the tank

Take Control of Crabgrass With Drive XLR8

Crabgrass is a nuisance weed that spreads throughout lawns and landscapes in residential, commercial and recreational areas. While Drive XLR8 is effective at killing and controlling both smooth and large crabgrass, it's also a must-have product for controlling other broadleaf weeds and grasses. It can be combined with other herbicides for better weed control, including surfactants for greater coverage and effectiveness. Whether it's crabgrass ruining the look of home lawns or sports fields, nothing kills it faster than Drive XLR8.


Manufacturer BASF
Active Ingredient dimethylamine salt of quinclorac, other ingredients
Composition 18.92%, 81.08%
Container Size .5 gallon
Application Amount See label for details.
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