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Deer and other animals continue to forage throughout the winter, causing damage to trees and shrubs. DeerPro Winter Animal Repellent keeps the animals away and protects the plants from unnecessary damage. It's been used for more than 20 years and is the go-to animal repellent for landscape care professionals. It has an active ingredient that repels the deer, preventing them from eating the vegetation.

How DeerPro Repellent Works

DeerPro Winter Animal Repellent contains the active ingredient thiram, a fungicide that also acts as a repellent. Animals dislike this ingredient because of its bad taste. When they feed on plants with DeerPro applied, they spit out the foliage and leave the plant alone. It works in extreme frigid temperatures and provides excellent coverage when applied as directed.

Where to Use DeerPro Repellent

DeerPro should be used on trees and shrubs that the animals eat during the winter, not on plants like boxwoods. It can be used on many different shrubs and trees, including ornamental plants like azaleas and hemlocks. It will also protect pines and rhododendrons from foraging deer. Though some thiram-based repellents are white, DeerPro has a green additive to make it blend in with the plants. There's no worry about the vegetation looking as though it was covered in snow or fungal blight. It protects the foliage all winter long without the need for repeat applications.

Target Pests

DeerPro may have the word "deer" in its title, but it protects against more than just deer during the winter. It also protects the plants from rabbits and voles, as well as some other unlabeled foraging pests. No matter the animal, they avoid plants that are sprayed with DeerPro Winter Animal Repellent. The active ingredient is a fungus and not very tasty. Once the animals bite into the foliage, they leave it alone and look for food elsewhere.

Why Use DeerPro for Winter?

Deer and other foraging animals don't stop looking for food just because it's cold outside. They go on the hunt for vegetation on residential, commercial and recreational properties, often damaging shrubs and ornamental flowers. DeerPro Winter Animal Repellent is designed for winter conditions when it's not possible to go outside and spray liquid repellents. One application lasts the entire winter. Other reasons to use DeerPro for deer control include:

  • Provides continual protection even in the snow
  • Can be sprayed on shrubs as early as September
  • Easy to apply with sprayers
  • Breaks down in the spring
  • Targets deer, rabbits and voles

Protect Plants All Winter Long With DeerPro Repellent

Most repellents have to be applied several times throughout a season, but not DeerPro Winter Animal Repellent. This product contains a fungicide that stays on the foliage throughout the entire winter, continuing to work in the harshest conditions. It goes on green and provides more natural-looking coverage on the shrubs. When spring arrives, the repellent breaks down, making the way for DeerPro Spring/Summer Deer Repellent. The active ingredient repels deer, rabbits and voles and protects ornamental evergreens and shrubs from damage.


Manufacturer Deerpro™
Primary Pest Deer
Utility  Repellent
Active Ingredient Thiram, Other Ingredients
Composition 25.8%, 74.2%
Container Size 2.5 GA Jug
Application Amount See label for details.


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