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Some insecticides produce a foul odor when sprayed and don't target as many pests as they should. Cy-Kick CS Insecticide doesn't create a repulsive odor while it works to kill dozens of pests with one application. It's perfect for use indoors and outdoors without the need for people to leave the area after it's sprayed. It targets the most invasive pests and continues to provide long-lasting residual control.

How Cy-Kick CS Works

Cy-Kick contains the active ingredient cyfluthrin, a synthetic pyrethroid that mimics real pyrethrins from chrysanthemums. It starts to work on contact, sticking to the insects as they cross over or land on the liquid. It works by disrupting their nerve function and causing paralysis over time. It provides quick knockdown, killing the insect within hours of contact.

Where to Use Cy-Kick Insecticide

Cy-Kick CS Insecticide uses SmartCap Technology to protect the active ingredient from degrading or being absorbed by porous surfaces. Therefore, it can be sprayed on concrete, plywood and other places without losing its effectiveness. Use Cy-Kick CS in and around homes and other residential areas like apartments and retirement communities.

It controls pest infestations at campgrounds and on recreational sites such as parks. One application controls nearly 60 different pest species that infest hotels, restaurants, schools and other indoor and outdoor areas. It can also be used in storage areas to protect against pantry pests.

Target Pests

Crawling and flying insects die quickly to the active ingredient in Cy-Kick CS Insecticide. It kills and controls everything from ants and bed bugs to mosquitoes and carpenter bees. Use it to exterminate spiders in homes and drugstore beetles in storage areas. Cy-Kick can be used outside to combat fire ant colonies and termites in cracks and crevices. It's also effective at killing hard-to-control pests like fleas and ticks. Some other target pests include wasps, cockroaches and houseflies.

Advantages of Cy-Kick Liquid Insecticide

Professional pest control technicians use Cy-Kick because of its fast mode of action and residual control. It can be applied in homes and businesses and knock down insects both indoors and outdoors. One application on the target area will provide as much as three months of insect control even in direct sunlight. Some of the main benefits of using Cy-Kick for pest control include:

  • Kills more than 55 pest species
  • Targets social insects like ants and termites
  • Uses SmartCap Technology for greater effectiveness
  • Doesn't cause stains or produce a foul odor
  • Comes in an easy-pour container

Eliminate Stubborn Infestations With Cy-Kick

Not all insecticides provide fast knockdown and residual control over crawling and flying pests. Cy-Kick CS Insecticide uses a patented technology to make it more effective against the competition's. It's safe to use around people and pets when applied as directed, and it can be used on and around trees and shrubs to combat mosquito infestations. Whether it's a problem with termites on new construction or ant colonies in the yard, nothing kills the pests quicker or provides months of control like Cy-Kick CS.


Manufacturer PARAGON
Primary Pest General Purpose
Utility  Concentrated Liquid
Active Ingredient Cyfluthrin Capsule Suspension, Other Ingredients
Composition 6%, 94%
Container Size 16oz bottle
Case Amount 6x16oz cans
Application Amount See label for details.



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