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Cy-Kick is a pressurized insecticide made for indoor and outdoor use. It contains a fast-acting ingredient for killing and controlling the most common insects, including hard-to-control species like bed bugs and ticks. When used as directed, Cy-Kick knocks down crawling insects quickly and effectively.

How Cy-Kick Works

Cy-Kick contains cyfluthrin as the active ingredient. Like other synthetic pyrethroids, cyfluthrin acts on the nervous system of the insects, causing hyperactivity in the muscles. It inhibits sodium channels and causes paralysis over time before eventual death. It works by direct contact and acts quickly within a few minutes. It also has residual properties, making it ideal for controlling infestations that could reoccur in the sprayed area.

Where to Use Cy-Kick

Cy-Kick is labeled for use indoors and outdoors, including food-handling establishments. Use it to control insects inside and outside of apartments, residential homes, nursing homes and resorts, as well as commercial areas like supermarkets, hotels and restaurants. It may even be used in transportation vehicles such as buses, trains, trucks and ships. Note: Do not apply in an occupied area. Wait until people have cleared the space before use. Refer to the label for exact application instructions.

Features and Benefits

Cy-Kick provides fast knockdown and residual activity. It works against common insects like ants, spiders, storage pests and ticks. It can be used for crack and crevice treatments, as well as used in voids to flush out unwanted insects. The main benefits include:

  • Broad-spectrum insect control
  • For use in residential and commercial areas
  • Can be applied as a wood injection

Kick Out Insects with Cy-Kick

The main ingredient in Cy-Kick pressurized insecticide kills and controls infestations at the highest level. Because it can be used indoors and outdoors, it knocks out insects where they live and breed and can be used to control reinfestations thanks to its residual properties.


Manufacturer BASF
Primary Pest General Purpose
Active Ingredient Cyfluthrin 
Composition 01%
Container Size 17.5oz bottle
Application Amount See label for details.



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