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Having weeds in the lawn is never cool. Get rid of them for good with Cool Power selective herbicide. It's designed for cool-season grasses and perfect for early season applications. It can be used on dormant warm-season grass and controls a wide variety of broadleaf weeds. It contains three active ingredients for maximum performance and delivers exceptional results in no time.

How Cool Power Works

Cool Power contains dicamba, MCPA and triclopyr as the active ingredients. The first ingredient mimics the natural growth hormone of the weed and disrupts protein synthesis, killing the weed quickly. The second ingredient causes the weeds to grow abnormally, leading to early death. The third ingredient has similar effects as the first two ingredients. Combined, they provide superior weed control on the target sites.

Where to Use Cool Power

Cool Power herbicide can be used on many cool-season grasses, as well as dormant warm-season grass. It's perfect for weed control in the winter and may be used on most residential ornamental turf. Use it on industrial and institutional sites, as well as recreational areas like parks and other sites with similar turf. It can be used on noncrop sites like cemeteries, preventing weeds throughout the landscape. Apply it to the turf on athletic fields and other sports sites, as well as golf courses. It can be applied to the fairways, aprons and roughs to keep weeds at bay.

Target Weeds

Cool Power is most effective on established and newly emerged weeds. It targets, kills and controls a variety of broadleaf weeds, from clover to dandelion. Use it to get rid of weeds such as knotweed, ground ivy, chickweed and henbit. It's a postemergent herbicide, so it won't provide any pre-emergent benefits. It can be used to kill ragweed, oxalis and spurge, as well as wood sorrel, thistle and wild violet.

Cool Power Features and Benefits

With three active ingredients, Cool Power herbicide powers through the weeds and kills them quickly. It can be used on cool- and warm-season turf in parks, athletic fields and golf courses, as well as residential ornamental turf. It kills everything from black medic to wood sorrel and can be applied to roadsides and other noncrop sites. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Perfect for winter weed control
  • Contains three ingredients for improved results
  • Can be mixed with liquid fertilizers
  • May be applied in areas where 2,4-D cannot
  • Provides excellent weed control for golf courses
  • Covers up to 3.2 acres per gallon

Cool Power is an Effective, Selective Herbicide

When weeds invade the property, Cool Power herbicide eliminates them with its three active ingredients. They all work together to negatively affect weed growth and cause it to die prematurely. It can be tank-mixed with fertilizers or used alone to combat weeds in ornamental turf. It has a specialized formulation for cool-season performance, eradicating weeds in the winter. Whether it's a problem with clover and chickweed or oxalis and spurge, Cool Power selective herbicide gets rid of them all and delivers exceptional results.







Active Ingredient

 Isooctyl (2-ethylhexyl) Ester of 2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid,Butoxyethylanol Ester of 3,5,6-Trichloro-2-Pyridinyloxylacetic Acid, Dicamba


56.14%,  5.0%, 3.60%

Container Size

2.5 Gallon Jug

Application Amount

See label for details.






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