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Crawling insects such as cockroaches contaminate interior areas with salmonella and other diseases. To combat these pests and other crawling insects, BorActin contains an active ingredient to kill them within three days. It's a fast-acting insecticidal dust that not only starts to work on contact but also provides residual pest control for many months after application. BorActin is easy to apply and can be used indoors and outdoors to exterminate pests at home or in businesses.

How BorActin Works

BorActin insecticide contains the active ingredient boric acid. This often-used chemical in many pesticides works by disrupting the insects' digestive and nervous systems. Once ingested, it takes about 72 hours for roaches and other pests to die. The dust also clings to their bodies, so the insects infect other members in the nest when they return. BorActin is a very effective roach control product because it also targets roaches that don't contact the active ingredient. The boric acid remains active in dead roaches. As other roaches feed on the carcasses, they become infected and die. It's a continuous cycle that knocks out infestations quickly.

Where to Use BorActin Insecticide

BorActin can be used indoors and outdoors to target and control a variety of crawling insects around homes and businesses. It's easy to apply to most any target area thanks to its dust formulation. Apply it to cracks and crevices, wall voids and along baseboards behind furniture to combat the pests where they travel and shelter. It can be used in schools, recreational sites, food-handling areas and other places where it's necessary to exterminate and to prevent an infestation.

Target Pests

BorActin kills roaches and provides long-lasting residual control thanks to the active ingredient. It breaks down slowly in the environment and continues to kill new infestations as they happen. This insecticidal dust works perfectly to kill and control a variety of crawling insect pests such as silverfish, palmetto bugs and some ant species with the exception of carpenter ants. It can be applied with a duster to target water bugs, drywood termites, beetles and more.

Benefits of BorActin for Pest Control

The active ingredient in BorActin makes it effective against many indoor and outdoor pests. This insecticide is not only easy to use but also a cost-effective solution for eliminating pest insects at home or in commercial areas. Other benefits of BorActin insecticidal dust include:

  • Comes ready to use
  • Provides broad-spectrum pest control
  • Breaks down slowly for long-lasting protection
  • Can be applied with various hand dusters
  • Prevents drywood termites in new construction

Kill Roaches and Other Pests With BorActin

Not all insecticides provide residual control against various cockroach species. BorActin is one of the most effective products thanks to the boric acid within the dust. This chemical is naturally occurring and works through ingestion. It clings to the insects' bodies, allowing them to spread it to other members when they return to the nest. Because it breaks down slowly, it's possible to target pest infestations for months after one application. Whether it's roaches or drywood termites, BorActin acts quickly to exterminate them all.

Manufacturer Rockwell Labs
Primary Pest General Purpose
Utility  Powder
Active Ingredient Orthoboric Acid, Other Ingredients
Composition 99%,1%
Container Size 25 lb pails/5 lb pails
Case Amount 4x5lb pails
Application Amount See label for details.



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Whitney D.

The product is clumpy and clogging our dusters.

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