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Size: Case (48 traps)
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Sometimes it's not possible to spray insecticides in areas to target pests. Bait plate stations come in handy for keeping insect bait secured and away from children and animals. They not only prevent tampering, but they also keep the bait fresher for longer. They can be placed indoors and outdoors to hold bait gels, liquids and granules and to target many different insect pests in the area.

How Do Bait Plate Stations Work?

Keep in mind that bait plate stations don't include any bait in the purchase. It's necessary to have the bait ready to go once the stations arrive. These stations can hold roach bait in gel and granular form, as well as liquid baits to target both indoor and outdoor pests. For example, the station can hold ant bait granules. The ants will find the bait and take some back to the nest where it will kill the colony through contact and also when the ants ingest the active ingredients in the bait.

Where to Set Out Bait Plate Stations

Bait plate stations can be set out wherever pests have been seen. They have an adhesive surface to stick them to walls and floors, keeping them firmly in place inside cabinets or crawl spaces. Place the stations filled with bait behind furniture and along baseboards to target the pests where they travel or hide. These stations are made with clear plastic, so it's easy to see when it's time to refill them with bait.

Target Pests

Bait plate stations are only made to hold bait; they don't actually kill the pests. They can hold bait gels, liquids and granules and be placed in areas of suspected insect activity. Depending on the bait used, these stations can target cockroaches, ants, silverfish and other common indoor and outdoor pests. Place the stations in wall voids, behind appliances and inside food storage areas to target the pests more effectively.

Bait Plate Station Benefits

There are many reasons to use a bait plate station. For one, kids and pets could tamper with bait that's left out in the open. The stations will keep the bait secured inside, making sure that it can't harm anyone that comes into contact with it. They can be placed most anywhere indoors and outdoors when trying to eliminate a pest infestation. Some of the main benefits for using a bait plate station includes:

  • Can be placed vertically or horizontally
  • Holds bait gels, liquids and granules
  • Made to lure ants, roaches and other pests
  • Keeps bait fresher for longer
  • Useful for combating pests indoors and outdoors

Target More Insect Pests With Bait Plate Stations

Placing baits outdoors can render them useless when it rains or if they've been under direct sunlight for days. Insect bait could also harm people and animals that come into contact with it. Using bait plate stations is an effective way to use insect bait no matter the weather. The clear construction makes it easy to check if the bait needs to be refilled, and the stations keep the bait fresh for weeks after setting them in the target areas.


Manufacturer Rockwell Labs
Primary Pest General Purpose
Utility  Bait Plate
Case Amount 48 stations



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