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It's not always possible to achieve total pesticide coverage because of weather and soil conditions. Combining a surfactant in the tank with the pesticide can enhance coverage and absorption, leading to more effective results. Aquiflo® Plus is a high-quality soil wetting agent designed to aid the movement of pesticides throughout the soil profile, enhancing total coverage in turf and ornamental sites.

How Aquiflo Plus Works

Aquiflo Plus contains alcohol ethoxylates and alkyl aryl sulfonate as the primary active ingredients. It's a surfactant that serves multiple purposes. It reduces the overall surface tension of water and also improves the movement of rainfall and irrigation into the soil. Aquiflo Plus has both curative and preventative properties, helping to relieve hydrophobic soils by reducing the surface tension of water droplets and minimizing soil repellency.

Where to Use Aquiflo Plus

Using Aquiflo Plus improves water penetration and aids water infiltration. This means there will be significantly less runoff, minimal dew formation and more efficient irrigation, resulting in firmer, drier playing surfaces on golf courses and other recreational or sports turf sites. Apply Aquiflo Plus to commercial turfgrass, sod farms and recreational turf to reduce overall watering requirements and to maintain the quality of the turf. It's also the ideal surfactant to apply in soilless media, as well as the soils that surround ornamental plants. See the label for other target sites and general information.

Target Uses

Aquiflo Plus can be used alone and applied to the turf to increase water infiltration and to reduce localized dry spots. It can also be the perfect tank-mix partner with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and even plant nutrients to help them move more effectively through the soil profile. When combined with pesticides, it enhances their effectiveness and increases their coverage and absorption in turf and ornamental sites. Whether it's used alone or in addition to other products, Aquiflo Plus is a must-have surfactant for turf management professionals.

Aquiflo Plus Features and Benefits

Enhancing pesticide coverage is one of the many benefits of using Aquiflo Plus in the tank. It aids the movement of the pesticides into the soil, reducing surface tension and providing better absorption than when using pesticides without a surfactant. It even penetrates thatch layers and resists excessive water retention at the surface of the soil. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Aids overall water infiltration
  • Distributes water evenly through the soil profile
  • Reduces localized dry spots
  • Enhances pesticide and plant nutrient coverage
  • Can be used in turf and ornamental sites

Aquiflo Plus by Heritage PPG

Aquiflo Plus isn't a "normal" surfactant. It's specially formulated to move and distribute water evenly through the soil profile, helping to aid water infiltration and reducing dry spots. It enhances coverage and absorption, moves through thatch layers and resists excessive water retention. It can be used as-is to improve the movement of rainfall and irrigation or combined with pesticides and other products to enhance their effectiveness. Whether it's for a golf course or commercial ornamental sites, use Aquiflo Plus as part of a successful turf management program.


Manufacturer Heritage PPG
Utility  Wetting Agent
Active Ingredient Alcohol Ethoxylates, Alkyl Aryl Sulfonate,
Composition 15%, 2%, 83%
Container Size 2.5 GA Jugs
Application Amount See label for details.


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