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Using an adjuvant is important to assist with pesticide distribution and coverage. Aqua-King Plus® is an adjuvant specially designed to work with aquatic herbicides. It helps the herbicides spread more uniformly in the application area, making them work better than when used alone.

How Aqua-King Plus Works

Aqua-King Plus adjuvant contains nonionic surfactants. These surfactants promote more uniform spreading over the target area and greater absorption on aquatic plants. It also contains buffering agents that lower the pH of the spray solution. It's formulated for use with aquatic herbicides but may also be used with various herbicides for use in non-crop areas.

Where to Use Aqua-King Plus

Use Aqua-King Plus with herbicides made for aquatic vegetative applications. It may also be used with registered herbicides used to treat weeds in rights-of-way, ditch banks and wetlands. It may also be used on shorelines and non-crop areas when applied as directed.

Target Uses

Aqua-King Plus Aquatic Adjuvant doesn't kill the weeds or provide substantial benefits when used alone. It should be combined with registered herbicides to help with uniform distribution of the products, as well as to help with absorption of the products on the target weeds.

Aqua-King Features and Benefits

This adjuvant for aquatic herbicides is the ideal solution for improving the effectiveness of the applied products. Some of its main benefits include:

  • Promotes faster and more uniform spreading on the weeds
  • Lowers the pH level of the spray solution
  • Boosts herbicide absorption

Control Aquatic Plants with Aqua-King

Whether it's to control weeds in ponds or on roadsides, Aqua-King Plus improves herbicide applications in every way. It improves the plant's uptake of the herbicide, helping it to work faster and to provide more effective results than when used alone.



Heritage PPG Pro



Active Ingredient

Nonylphenol polyethylene glycol ether, free fatty acids, organic phosphatic acids, dimethylpolysiloxane, Other Ingredients


95%, 5%

Container Size

2.5 gallon jug, 

Application Amount

See label for details.






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