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Moths are nuisance pests, especially those that invade food areas and infest stored products. When it's not possible to use chemical treatments to get rid of moths, Allure Moth Kits come in handy and provide effective moth control. They capture all types of moth species and other stored product pests in areas where it's necessary to protect food products, such as residential pantries and commercial kitchens.

How Allure Moth Trap Kits Work

Using Allure Moth Trap Kits are a more economical and safer way to treat moth infestations indoors. They're flat out of the box and are easy to set up by folding the ends inward. The middle section holds the trap, which is a flat surface with specialized glue to trap the moths. The glue contains a pheromone that lures the moths to the glue trap, capturing them on contact. The traps can be used for both capturing the moths and monitoring pest activity in the area.

Where to Use Allure Moth Traps

Use these effective Allure Moth Traps in areas where moths are seen or could pose a threat to stored products. They're ideal for use in residential pantries to protect against flour moth adults and larvae. Use them in and around warehouses and commercial areas like restaurants in the kitchen and other spots where the food is stored. The glue traps work quickly to lure the moths, keeping them away from food and causing profit loss for commercial businesses.

Target Pests

Allure Moth Trap Kits protect food against a variety of moths and other stored product pests. It keeps Indian meal moth infestations low and prevents the Mediterranean moth population from getting out of control. The traps are the perfect moth killer that doesn't use toxic chemicals to eliminate the pests. Some of the common target pests include:

  • Almond moths
  • Flour moths
  • Raisin moths
  • Tobacco moths

5 Benefits of Allure Moth Trap Kits

PT Allure traps are easy to set up, making them ideal for homeowners to place in their kitchens and pantry areas. Professionals can also benefit from using these traps and offering them to customers in place of chemical sprays. They're perfect for monitoring infestations since it's easy to see how many moths the traps have captured. Other benefits of Allure traps include:

  • Contains pheromone-laced glue traps
  • Useful in a pest-monitoring program
  • Traps adult moths and the larvae
  • Will also trap other small insect pests in the area
  • Effective for up to 16 weeks

Eliminate Nuisance Moths With Allure Traps

Allure Moth Trap Kits get rid of stored product pests without the need to have a professional come in and spray the area. They have an active pheromone that lures adults and larvae, capturing them for good. The glue keeps the moths stuck to the trap and makes it easy to monitor how much pest activity is in the target area. The traps work on many different moth pests and can also capture smaller insect pests that may threaten stored foods in homes and commercial kitchens.

Manufacturer Whitmire
Primary Pest Moths
Utility  Traps
Container Size 1 Trap
Application Amount See label for details.



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Customer Reviews

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Billie Jean
Allure Pheremone traps great against Meal Moths

Because we keep bird seed for our feeders, we periodically get Indian meal moths showing up. We have tried various traps and the only successful one is Allure.
I assume it is the quality of pheremone dispersion that really draws them out. And the sticky trap will not release the moths. The Allure trap is very easy to pop up and insert the pheremone strip. It has clearly helped us solve our moth problem.

Thanks for sharing your results with us!

Sydni J.
work great....however, wish there was

work great....however, wish there was a bomb to set off while all these damn moths are flying around trying to find the trap!

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