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Pesticides don't always work as effectively as they should. However, it's not always because of their ingredients or application methods. It's sometimes due to the target on which they are applied. With Heritage PPG AirCover®, the pesticides work more effectively. It's added to the tank-mix and provides superior wetting of the herbicide, insecticide and other products at the application site.

How AirCover Works

AirCover contains the active ingredients alkyl phenol ethoxylate, polysiloxane polyether copolymer, propylene glycol. It's meant to be used with pesticides such as herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. AirCover is a surfactant, which allows for better wetting and absorption of the active ingredients of other products. When used with herbicides, it helps the plant leaves and stems absorb the ingredients much easier. It can also be tank-mixed with foliar nutrients for better coverage and absorption.

Where to Use AirCover Wetting Agent

Because AirCover can be used with most pesticides and fertilizers, it can be applied anywhere they can when used as directed. Use AirCover with herbicides to improve the absorption of the active ingredients into the plants. Use it with insecticides to achieve faster, more effective results when targeting various insect pests. As a wetting agent, it increases the spreading of foliar nutrients on the plant leaves, reducing the overall surface tension and helping the products to work more effectively.

Target Uses

AirCover is a nonionic surfactant used as a wetting agent for tank-mixing with various pesticides and plant nutrient products. Its primary use is to lower the surface tension between liquids. When applied as directed with pesticides and/or fertilizers, it can be used to improve coverage and distribution of spray droplets on tree and vine crops, greens and tees on golf courses, and noncrop areas. It's most often combined in the tank with herbicides and insecticides to improve the overall coverage in the application area.

AirCover Surfactant Features and Benefits

Pesticides and fertilizers can be used as-is without a surfactant. When doing so, they're not going to be quite as effective as they could be when combined with AirCover. It's a nonionic organosilicone surfactant that not only improves coverage but also absorption at the target site. It combines easily with most pesticides and foliar nutrient products and can be applied with ground, aerial, aquatic and general wetter/spreader application equipment. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Combines in the tank with most pesticides and fertilizers
  • Provides superior coverage and absorption at the application site
  • Can be used with insecticides to improve their effectiveness

Improve Pesticide Performance with AirCover

Though a pesticide may work as intended, it could always be more effective whether it's providing faster insect kill or improved weed control. When combining AirCover with pesticides, the products perform better and deliver more impressive results. It's an exceptional adjuvant and helps leaves absorb an herbicide quicker or improves the uptake of foliar nutrients. It can be used by most any experienced pest management professional and is easily tank-mixed and applied with several types of application equipment.

Manufacturer Heritage PPG
Utility  Adjuvant
Active Ingredient
Proprietary blend of polyalkyleneoxide modified polydimethylsiloxane, nonionic surfactants
Composition 99%
Container Size 1 gallon/1 quart
Case Amount 4x1 gallons/12x1 quarts
Application Amount See label for details.

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