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Affirm WDG is a highly potent fungicide made to cure and prevent fungal diseases in ornamentals and turf. It's useful in a variety of settings, from greenhouses to golf courses, and provides systemic movement through the plants to protect them long after application.

How Affirm WDG Works

Affirm WDG comes in water-dispersible granules and contains polyoxin D zinc salt as the active ingredient. It's translaminar in nature, meaning it penetrates the leaf tissue and forms reservoirs within the plants. Because of this, it eliminates any underlying fungal infection while also protecting against future infections from the same or other diseases.

Where to Use Affirm WDG

It has a wide range of labeled application sites for use, including residential and commercial properties. It can be used to combat and prevent diseases on ornamentals grown inside and outside of greenhouses. It can also be applied to turf in parks, sports fields and golf courses. It's labeled for use on both cool- and warm-season grasses like bluegrass, fescue and St. Augustine.

Target Diseases

The potent formulation of Affirm WDG knocks out the toughest fungal diseases. Whether it's anthracnose or gray leaf spot, it moves through the plant and eliminates the disease while keeping it from returning later. Use Affirm for the following diseases and more:

  • Brown patch
  • Brown ring patch
  • Leaf spot
  • Red thread
  • Snow mold

Affirm Features and Benefits

Affirm WDG is registered as an EPA biopesticide. It's easy to mix in water and highly effective at low use rates. Some other benefits include:

  • Eliminates everything from brown patch to snow mold
  • Can be used everywhere from home lawns to greenhouses
  • Perfect as a tank-mix partner with other pesticides

Get Rid of Fungal Diseases with Affirm WDG

Don't just get rid of fungal diseases. Stop them from coming back with Affirm WDG fungicide. It's perfect for greenhouse growers, golf course superintendents and other professionals who need to control and prevent fungal diseases and ensure healthy growing turf and plants.

Manufacturer Nufarm
Active Ingredient Polyoxin D zinc salt, Other Ingredients
Composition 11.3%, 88.7%
Container Size 2.14 lb bags
Application Amount See label for details.
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