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Rats and mice multiply quickly and spread diseases, making it hard to kill them once they've spread throughout a property. Rat traps work for rodent control, but they're not always reliable. The Aegis-RP Anchor Bait Station is designed with durability and security in mind. It keeps the bait enclosed inside away from children and pets, and the built-in weight system keeps it anchored in place.

How the Aegis-RP Anchor Works

The Aegis-RP Anchor Bait Station is unlike other bait stations on the market. Why? It comes with a pre-assembled 12 1/2-pound concrete block to keep it held firmly in place. This station reduces the overall costs that it takes to assemble a typical bait station and then to anchor it to the target area. It's extremely durable, portable and secure thanks to the lock-and-key mechanism. Also, two heavy-duty bolts keep the station held to the concrete block to provide even more durability.

Where to Use Aegis-RP Anchor

Aegis-RP Anchor stations are made to be used indoors and outdoors to control rat and mice infestations. They can be used in urban and rural areas to combat the spread of diseases caused by the rodents. Use them indoors in warehouses, attics and other spaces to lure rats and mice to the bait.

Note: The bait stations do not include bait. It must be purchased separately.

Use the bait stations in residential and commercial interiors and exteriors. Because the stations can only be opened with a key, they're safe to use in areas with pets when they're set up as directed.

Target Pests

The RP Anchor is made to lure mice and rats in the target area. When bait is placed in the station, it's kept secured beneath a lid and out of the elements. The rats and mice can get to the bait through small openings and escape out the other side.

Benefits of Aegis-RP Anchor Bait Stations

Because rats and mice spread diseases, it's important to eliminate them quickly before they breed and multiply. They can even harbor infected fleas that can infest areas and spread diseases to people when bitten. Using an RP bait station with rodent bait is one way to kill rats and to wipe out infestations. Other benefits include:

  • Comes with a heavy weight to keep the station in place
  • Has a secure locking mechanism
  • Can be moved easily to a new target area
  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Built for maximum durability and security

Trap Rats and Mice With the RP Anchor

Aegis-RP Anchor Bait Stations are ideal for use around warehouses and other areas where rats and mice can get inside. Placed along the perimeter, the stations lure the rodents to the bait. The stations keep the bait protected from the rain and other elements that could degrade the active ingredients. The concrete block makes sure that the station stays firmly in place. When looking for a cost-effective solution for baiting rodents indoors and outdoors, look no further than the reliability of Aegis-RP Anchor Bait Stations.

Manufacturer LIPHATECH® INC
Primary Pest Rodent
Utility  Bait Stations
Container Size EACH
Case Amount 1X108
Application Amount See label for details.
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