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White grub damage is the reason all lawn management pros and homeowners should use Andersons 22-0-7 with .067% Acelepryn. It's not only an effective insecticide but also an important plant nutrient product. It provides season-long white grub control and also control of various turf pests across the landscape. Whether it's to improve the appearance of golf course turf or plantscapes, Andersons is the key to plant health.

How Andersons 22-0-7 Works

What makes Andersons such an effective fertilizer is the inclusion of Acelepryn insecticide. The primary ingredient is chlorantraniliprole and acts on the insects' calcium channels in the muscles, causing paralysis and death. It's specially designed for chewing pests, poisoning them as they feed on the roots and other parts of the plant.

Andersons is also a fertilizer containing 22 percent total nitrogen, 7 percent soluble potash (K2O) and 1.02 percent sulfur, as well as 5.92 percent chlorine max. These nutrients feed the turf in areas where nitrogen imbalances occur. Take care in applying the product to prevent nitrogen burn in the turf.

Where to Use Andersons Insecticide

Apply Andersons insecticide fertilizer to control white grubs and other turf pests throughout infested landscapes. It's highly successful at keeping golf courses free of white grub damage and can be used across the course, including the tees, roughs, fairways, greens, collars and other turf areas.

It may also be used on home lawns and commercial landscapes around offices, shopping complexes, institutional buildings and sod farms. Use it in sensitive areas like schools, playgrounds and parks to control and prevent white grub damage.

Some common areas to use Andersons include:

  • Airports
  • Ornamental gardens
  • Athletic fields
  • Day care facilities
  • Interior plantscapes

Target Pests and Uses

Andersons 22-0-7 .067 Acelepryn insecticide is formulated with a powerful chemical that targets, controls and kills white grubs in the infested area. It also prevents infestations after an application when used at the appropriate rates per acre or square feet.

It controls white grubs of all types, including Asiatic beetles, green June beetles, northern and southern masked chafers, and Japanese beetles.

As an insecticide, it also controls other turf pests across the labeled sites, such as:

  • Annual bluegrass weevils
  • Armyworms
  • Billbugs
  • Chinch bugs
  • Cutworms
  • European crane flies
  • Sod webworms

As a fertilizer, Andersons also has other uses. It feeds the lawn with vital nitrogen, potash and sulfur to improve its health and appearance. It not only kills the white grubs but helps to reverse the damage.

Andersons Features and Benefits

White grubs are very damaging to golf courses, home lawns and other turf sites. Their constant chewing and feeding on roots cause the turf to become stunted, wilted and faded. It appears in patches across the landscape, killing the plants and grass in the infested area.

Andersons stops white grubs from feeding on the roots and prevents future feeding and damage. It kills and controls other turf-damaging pests like chinch bugs and annual bluegrass weevils, preventing unnecessary damage from various turf insects.

It's also a beneficial fertilizer and plant nutrient product, containing a high percentage of nitrogen for turf growth and development. The 22 percent nitrogen helps the grass to grow new foliage and improves photosynthesis, resulting in stronger roots, disease resistance and vibrant green lawns.

Some of the most common features and benefits of Andersons insecticide and fertilizer include:

  • Easy to apply with a spreader
  • Kills and controls white grubs and other turf pests
  • Can be used across entire golf course turf
  • For use on home lawns, recreational sites and commercial landscapes
  • Contains a powerful insecticide for immediate pest control
  • Specially nitrogen-rich fertilizer for turf growth and health

Another benefit of Andersons fertilizer and insecticide is that it doesn't pose a risk to beneficial insects like honeybees. The active ingredient isn't known to cause harm to these insects, making it the ideal product for use in ornamental gardens, plantscapes and other areas.

Kill Pests and Feed the Lawn with Andersons

Andersons brand name fertilizers are well known for improving turf health and growth. They're specially formulated with various macronutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and more. Andersons 22-0-7 has a high percentage of nitrogen and a low ratio of potash to improve the balance of nutrients in the soil.

If white grubs and other chewing pests have infested the lawn, use Andersons to kill and control the infestation. It not only eliminates the current infestation but prevents future damage in the application area. It also improves the turf's health thanks to a special blend of nutrients including sulfur and potash.






22-0-7 with Acelepryn Insecticide

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