You found a cockroach in your house.
How do we get rid of this pest and help me ensure they won’t come back.

Follow this step by step guide to isolate and rid your home of a cockroach problem. The benefits include peace of mind, health for you and your family, and a clean safe place to live.

Step 1:

Clean the room.

By making the room where you found the cockroach you’re eliminating their food source making it harder to enhabit.Start by picking up any trash. Get that into a trashbag and out to the dump. Any leftover food, condiments or other things where surgur may reside is making for a comfortable home for the roach. Next — take a broom or a duster and gather any crumbs, dust or other things that is on the walls, floor or your furniture. Lastly — get out your mop and bucket. Make a potent soapy water mix and mop the floors. Use rags to rub down your hard furniture so that the room is thoroughly clean of any residue that a roach can use as nutrition.

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Step 2:

Find the leaks.

Water is key for cockroach longevity. Usually the main offender is a leaky faucet.Are there leaky faucets? It may not be leaking now because it can happen from only time to time. First look around to see if there are water stains. Don’t just look at the floor readily visible, but dive into cabinets especially under a sink. Are you seeing water stains in your sink? Find these leaks and figure out how to prevent them.

This won’t rid you of the cockroaches, but it will make it hard for them to live — now and into the future.

Step 3:

Pick a pack and apply


We’ve assembled three packs that are your complete solution to a cockroach problem.
Don’t worry, it’s easy — you got this!


Take care of a found cockroach threat in a room with this kit.


  • Gear Needed: gloves, goggles,
    and 1 gallon sprayer

  • Safe for indoor upholstery
  • All products are packaged to
    allow for multiple applications

Best Option for Keeping Cockroaches Away.

Complete Prevention

Take care of your immediate cockroach threat and apply a comprehensive solution for future preventative outcomes.


  • Gear Needed: Disposable gloves, Protective Eyewear, broadcast spreader, and a 1 gallon sprayer
  • Each product comes in either
    a resealable package or is packaged
    per use
  • Arilon and Advion Roach Bait Arenas can be used both indoors and outdoors


A prevention pack designed to not allow cockroaches into your home.


Gear Needed: Gloves, goggles,
1 gallon sprayer, and a broadcast spreader

Onslaught Fastcaps label allows for
both indoor and outdoor use

Demand G's granules turn from green to
white as the active ingredient is released


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