Professional Tablet Applicator


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The IRBW Applicator Standard is almost identical to the Deluxe Applicator. However, it's offered at a lower price without sacrificing too many features. Though it doesn't contain the full-time swivel or shower head nozzle, it does include the flat spray attachment and the easy twist-on container with an O-ring seal for a water-tight fit.

Features and Benefits

  • Makes it easy to apply wetting agents to turfgrass via irrigation
  • Weatherproof container for durability in the elements
  • Comes with a flat spray attachment and thumb shutoff valve

A Pro Applicator at a Great Value

With the same durability and construction expected from an applicator made in the USA, the IRBW Applicator Standard is nothing to shrug at. It includes a durable nylon container, a flat spray attachment, a thumb shutoff valve and an easy way to apply pelletized wetting agents when attached to an irrigation source.

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