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Gravity® S 30-9-9 is formulated to meet the needs of arborists. It's a tree and landscape fertilizer with high nitrogen rates and a balanced nutrient load to improve tree and plant health. It has numerous application methods and long-release nitrogen to feed the plants slowly over time.

How Gravity S 30-9-9 Works

Gravity S 30-9-9 contains 30 total percent of nitrogen in various forms, including urea nitrogen which is used for long-term feeding. Other than 9 percent phosphate and 9 percent soluble potash, it contains vital micronutrients like magnesium, iron and copper. These nutrients are necessary for the health and development of trees and landscape plants.

Where to Use Gravity S Fertilizer

This fertilizer is designed for arborists who need to maintain the health of their trees. It may be used on trees of all types, as well as landscape plants. It may be used on ornamentals in greenhouses, nurseries and more. It can be applied as a soil drench or a soil injection in trees and landscape beds.

Gravity Features and Benefits

Gravity S 30-9-9 contains a proper blend of primary and secondary nutrients to maximize the life and health of trees and landscape plants. It may be applied as a foliar spray, but it will provide more effective results when applied as a drench. Some main benefits include:

  • Can be applied to plants such as herbs and vegetables
  • Perfect for transplanted crops
  • May be tank-mixed with other products

Gravity S 30-9-9: Tree and Landscape Fertilizer

Give trees and ornamentals what they need to grow healthy and strong. Gravity S 30-9-9 has a unique blend of nutrients to use on trees and landscape plants when they lack enough nutrients from the soil for optimal growth.


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