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Gravity® S 20-20-20 UMAXX provides the same nutrients as 20-20-20 but with UMAXX Technology. It's a turf and ornamental fertilizer with a unique blend of nitrogen and other nutrients for better plant growth. Because it contains UMAXX, there's no worry about leaching or denitrification.

How Gravity S 20-20-20 UMAXX Works

Gravity S 20-20-20 with UMAXX Technology contains several forms of nitrogen to prevent deficiencies in the soil. Thanks to UMAXX, the nitrogen and other nutrients stay right where they're needed. Gravity also contains other micronutrients for healthy plant growth, such as iron and copper. These micronutrients will also correct and prevent other deficiencies in the soil.

Where to Use Gravity S 20-20-20

Gravity S 20-20-20 UMAXX is formulated to improve the health of the turf and plants. It can be applied to the turf on golf courses, which includes the greens and tees, aprons and fairways. It may also be used in other areas where nitrogen deficiencies exist.

Target Uses

Gravity S 20-20-20 with UMAXX not only corrects but also prevents nutrient deficiencies and imbalances in the soil. Apply it according to the label to prevent any chance of nitrogen burn.

Gravity S Features and Benefits

Gravity S 20-20-20 UMAXX has all the ingredients needed to promote healthy plant growth and rapid plant response. It delivers micronutrients to ornamentals and turf and provides the following benefits and more:

  • Contains vital micronutrients for stronger root development
  • Can be applied to lawns, golf courses and more
  • For use in most any plant nutrition program

Gravity S 20-20-20 UMAXX: Healthier Turf and Plants

Gravity S 20-20-20 with UMAXX Technology is a well-balanced fertilizer containing the right nutrients to generate rapid plant response. It's a turf and ornamental fertilizer with several forms of nitrogen and other micronutrients like zinc and manganese to encourage healthy plant growth.


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