Rio Bermudagrass Turf Seed - 25lb Bag


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Specially designed to yield superior performance and aesthetics, Rio is an exceptional turf type bermudagrass variety known for its excellent cold and frost tolerance and early spring green-up. This makes it an ideal choice for regions spanning the southern zone as well as the transition zone where bermudagrass is favored.

Where to Use Rio Bermuda Turf Seed

Rio Bermuda turf seed adapts well to various regional growing zones across the US, including but not limited to the Northwest Coastal, Southern Mountain, Midwest, Northeast Lakes, and Southwest. It also thrives in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 6 through 10, making it an excellent fit for both warm and transitional temperature zones.

Coated Turf Seed

Each bag of Rio Bermuda Turf Seed comes in a 25lb bag. The coating enhances seed visibility during sowing, promotes better contact with the soil, and improves water absorption, which ultimately contributes to the product's excellent germination and establishment rates.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Quick germination and easy establishment
  • Excellent cold and frost tolerance
  • Rich, dark green color and dense turf for superior aesthetics
  • Drought and heat tolerance for enduring performance
  • Generous 25lb. bag

Rio Bermuda Turf Seed at Heritage PPG

This seed provides you a healthy, dense, and attractive turf that will not only withstand various climate conditions but also enrich the overall appeal of your green space. It germinates quickly, has exceptional cold tolerance, and delivers a green, lush lawn for premium beauty.


Seeding rate: 125 lbs/acre

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