Cool Season Mixture 35KBG, 30PRG, 35FF +PGS


Size: 50 lb Bag
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*Varieties are subject to change without notice due to availability*

If growing healthy grass is important, use the right seed mixture from the start. This mixture is perfect for growing dark green grass that looks healthy and more visually appealing. It delivers beautiful results and shows high tolerance under many different environmental conditions.

How Cool-Season Grass Mix Works

This seed mix is a unique blend of 35 percent Kentucky bluegrass, 30 percent perennial ryegrass and 35 percent fine fescue. It's an excellent seed blend and treated with Gravity SL PGS, an effective plant growth stimulant used for faster germination and turf establishment.

Where to Use This Grass Mix

Use it across many different sites to see darker green turf. It shows high performance across a variety of tests and improves resistance to diseases and adverse conditions.

Grass Seed Features and Benefits

This mixture contains the latest generation of grass seeds and is selected for its true genetic diversity. Including Gravity SL PGS in the mix also makes a difference in how it performs against other seed mixes. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Quicker germination and establishment times
  • Perfect for establishing cool-season turf
  • Grows in shade, full sun or a mixture of the two

Grow Healthy, Dark Green Turf

Don't seed the lawn with inferior grass seeds. Use this mixture of fine fescue, perennial ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass with Gravity SL PGS to grow a healthier, greener lawn. This seed blend produces stronger grass that's resistant to drought, heavy foot traffic and turf diseases that could damage the lawn. For a lawn that produces a vibrant green appearance and holds up well through all types of environmental conditions, this cool-season grass mix is the perfect choice for turf pros.

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