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Termites cause massive damage to homes, businesses and other structures, costing people thousands of dollars in repairs each year. With Advance Termite Bait Stations, it's possible to monitor activity on the property and to use bait to kill termites before they reach the structure. It's easy to install in the lawn and doesn't require digging or using expensive equipment to check for subterranean termites.

How Advance TBS Works

Advance TBS is a monitoring system, meaning that it's made specifically for inspection. It doesn't contain a chemical insecticide bait, so it won't kill any termites. Instead, it contains a source of food made from wood, which lures the termites to the station. When it's installed strategically on the property, it keeps the termites away from the structure. Therefore, it's ideal for detecting subterranean termites and applying the appropriate methods to keep them from attacking wooden structures on the property.

Where to Use Advance Termite Bait Stations

Advance TBS is the ultimate DIY termite inspection product. It costs hundreds of dollars to have a professional dig and monitor for termite activity on a property. After detection, it then costs more money to treat the termites with a termiticide bait, gel or spray. These monitoring stations make it easy to stick in the ground and check for termites on home lawns, business properties and other landscaped areas. The Quick-Lock cap opens and closes with ease and allows for simple inspection and counting of termites in the stations.

Target Pests

Advance TBS is specially made for subterranean termites. These termites dwell below the soil and invade cracks and crevices in foundations, moving up and into the structure. It's important to check for termites on pre- and post-construction sites to prevent costly damage to the structure in the future. The wood food source has a special scent to lure the termites away from the foundation, giving the homeowner or professional an easy way to detect them and move to the next phase of elimination.

Reasons to Use Advance for Termites

Advance Termite Bait Stations may not kill the termites, but they provide a quick and easy way to inspect for the pests on properties. Placing them a few feet away from the foundation will keep the pests from attacking the structure. By knowing there's an infestation, the next step would be to place termite bait around the foundation to kill whatever subterranean termites live beneath the soil. Some other benefits include:

  • Easy to monitor thanks to the Quick-Lock cap
  • Installs easily in the ground
  • Contains an attractive wood food source for termites
  • Useful when implementing a termite control program

Exterminate Termites With Advance TBS

It's not always possible to see termite activity, especially when they attack from underground. With Advance TBS, there's no more guesswork. The stations can be placed easily in the soil for monitoring termites in residential lawns, business landscapes and other areas. There are multiple stations in a box, so they can be placed strategically to lure termites and to calculate the infestation.

Manufacturer BASF
Primary Pest Termites
Utility  Bait Stations
Active Ingredient Diflubenzuron
Composition 0.25%
Container Size 10x1 CASE
Case Amount 10X1 CASE
Weight of Container  12
Application Amount

See label for details.


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