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Get accelerated shoot and root growth with Gravity SL PGS. It's a plant growth stimulator and contains three different plant hormones to boost growth and health. It can be applied in many different ways and used for warm- and cool-season turf, ornamentals and rooting.

How Gravity SL PGS Works

Gravity PGS contains three plant growth regulators:

  1. Cytokinin is a natural plant growth regulator. It promotes cell division and leaf expansion while also slowing total leaf aging.
  2. Gibberellic acids also naturally occur and stimulate both cell division and overall stem and leaf elongation.
  3. Indolebutyric acid stimulates strong root formation and development while also increasing cell elongation.

Where to Use Gravity PGS

Gravity SL PGS is formulated for use on all turfgrass, both warm- and cool-season varieties. However, use no more than 0.3 fluid ounces per 1,000 square feet per month. It can be applied as a drench or a foliar application on turf and ornamentals. It's especially useful for commercial turfgrass as well as golf course tees, greens and fairways. Use it during spring dormancy break, a fall application for winter hardiness, or for a pre-tournament quick green-up.

Gravity SL Features and Benefits

Gravity PGS benefits turf and ornamentals in many ways, helping to accelerate shoot and root growth and health. Other benefits include:

  • Useful for seed treatments or foliar applications
  • Three different plant growth regulators for maximum growth
  • For use on all turfgrasses

Accelerated Growth with Gravity PGS

Whether it's for a quick green-up or to maintain plant health, Gravity SL PGS is the ideal product for the job. It can be used on sports fields, commercial lawns and more, and it's ease of use makes it perfect for landscape pros, golf course superintendents and ornamental specialists.

Manufacturer Heritage PPG
Utility  Concentrated Liquid
Active Ingredient Cytokinin, Gibberellic acid, Indolebutyric acid, Other Ingredients
Composition .090%, .030%, .045%, 99.835%
Container Size 1 quart
Case Amount 12x1 quarts
Application Amount See label for details.



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