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Heritage G Fungicide contains the same ingredients as standard Heritage Fungicide but in convenient and easy-to-use granules. It can be used in many of the same areas and kills and prevents fungal diseases thanks to its active ingredient. Not only does it kill the disease within days of application but continues to work and provide residual control for up to 28 days.

How Heritage G Fungicide Works

Heritage G Fungicide contains the active ingredient azoxystrobin, which disrupts the natural mitochondrial respiration process in the target diseases. As the active ingredient circulates throughout the plant system, it moves to the disease and kills it. It lingers in the plant for nearly a month, preventing any further infections on the turf as well as on labeled ornamental plants.

Where to Use Heritage G Fungicide

Heritage G granular fungicide is labeled for use on most sites where fungal diseases have affected the turf and ornamental plants. Use it to target infections on home lawns and other residential lawns, such as those surrounding apartment complexes. Because the granules are lighter than traditional granules, they spread out over a wider area and target fungal diseases across the lawn. Apply them on commercial turfgrass areas, as well as public landscaped areas and around industrial buildings. Heritage can be applied on recreational and athletic fields, including golf courses and parks.

Target Pests

Heritage G Fungicide granules contain the right amount of the active ingredient to kill and control a broad-spectrum of fungal diseases in the target area. It controls everything from anthracnose to brown patch and effectively kills gray snow mold, pink snow mold and powdery mildew. It's effective at getting rid of and preventing yellow patch, pythium blight and leaf rust, as well as leaf spot, stem rust and necrotic ring spot. Whether it's take-all patch or gray leaf spot, Heritage works quickly to remove fungal diseases from the turf.

Advantages of Using Heritage G

Because Heritage G Fungicide can be used on residential areas as well as commercial and recreational sites, it's the go-to product for quick and effective turf and ornamental disease control. It tackles everything from red thread to summer patch, killing the diseases and providing residual control long after application. Other advantages of using Heritage G Fungicide include:

  • Can be applied to golf courses and athletic fields
  • For use on residential properties to treat fungal diseases
  • Prevents the diseases from resurfacing for up to 28 days
  • Contains a systemic active ingredient for maximum disease control
  • Controls up to 20 turfgrass diseases

Heritage G Controls Invasive Turf Diseases

Heritage G granular fungicide is unlike other fungicides on the market. Once it's applied, all it takes is a light watering or an overnight dew to disperse the active ingredient throughout the applied area. The granules don't cause a lot of dust, making them perfect for applying to residential and recreational areas with heavy foot traffic. Whether it's brown patch on home lawns or pythium blight on golf courses, Heritage G Fungicide kills and prevents invasive fungal infections.





Active Ingredient

Azoxystrobin 0.31%

Container Size

30 lbs

Application Amount

See label for details.





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