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Rat and mice populations grow quickly, most times increasing by the dozens in a few months. With a Contrac Rodenticide Ready-to-Use Place Pac, it doesn't take long to reduce their numbers and to control an infestation. These bait packs contain numerous pellets with an active ingredient that kills the rodents within 48 hours of ingestion. When used regularly, the packs can eliminate the rodents in homes and businesses.

How Contrac Pellet Place Packs Work

Most rodenticides are baits that are used in baiting stations or placed in snap traps to lure rats and mice. There's no need to place baits with a Contrac Place Pac. Instead, set the packs in areas where the rodents travel. They will chew through the pack and consume the bait pellets inside. This bait contains bromadiolone, an anticoagulant that prevents the blood from clotting and kills the target pests in two days.

Where to Use a Contrac Rodent Place Pac

Use Contrac Place Pac rodenticide in areas of high activity and also where the rats and mice travel. Set the packs along baseboards, behind and under furniture, and near entry points like wall voids and gnawed holes. The packs are labeled for use in commercial and residential areas both indoors and outdoors. The bait is extremely toxic to rats, mice and other rodents but less toxic to nontarget animals and people. In case of accidental ingestion, vitamin K1 is used to counteract the poison.

Target Pests

Contrac Ready-to-Use Place Pac rodenticide is designed to kill rats and mice and to control their populations within days of use. Place the packs in pantries, under cabinets and in attics and garages to kill house and field mice, roof rats, meadow voles and other rodents. Continue to supply fresh packs until there's no sign of the rodents in the target areas.

Benefits of Contrac Pellet Packs for Rat Control

It doesn't take long for the pellet packs to work when they're placed in areas where the rodents live or travel. The active ingredient in the pellets starts to work at the moment of ingestion and kills the rodents within 48 hours. The packs can be placed strategically in the area without the need to open them or to put them in a bait station. Some other benefits of Contrac rodenticide for rodent control include:

  • Highly toxic ingredient for quick rat and mouse control
  • Less toxic to nontarget animals and people
  • Kills the rodents within 48 hours of ingestion
  • Labeled for use in homes, businesses and industrial sites
  • Contains 174 packs per box

Contrac Pellet Packs Kill Rats and Mice

With Contrac Place Pac rodenticide, it only takes a couple weeks to bring the rat and mice populations under control. These baits are ready to use out of the box and don't need to be set up in any special way. The packs can be placed along baseboards and other areas to target the rodents as they travel in search of food and shelter. Once they see the pack, their natural instinct is to gnaw through the wrapping and to consume the bait inside, thus resulting in their quick death.


Primary Pest Rodent
Utility  Bait
Active Ingredient Bromadiolone, Other Ingredients
Composition 0.005% , 99.995%
Container Size 174X1.5 oz packs
Case Amount 174X1.5 oz packs
Application Amount See label for details.



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