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When termites invade a building, it's important to use a product that not only works fast but also provides long-lasting control. Tengard SFR is a one-shot insecticide and termiticide with an active ingredient for killing termites and other invasive pests. It can be used in commercial and residential areas to treat termites, as well as in recreational areas to knock out certain turf pests.

How Tengard SFR One Shot Works

Tengard SFR One Shot is formulated for use as an insect barrier to control subterranean termites. It contains permethrin, a fast-acting pyrethroid that also provides residual activity in the application area. Like other pyrethroids, it affects the insect's central nervous system and causes spasms in the muscles and nerves. This effect leads to total paralyzation and death. It has a low odor and can be applied with a standard spray applicator.

Where to Use Tengard SFR

Tengard SFR offers multiple site applications and can be applied as an insecticide on ornamentals in interiorscapes. It's also effective as a perimeter treatment on lawns, ornamental trees and shrubs in residential and commercial areas. Use it to stop pest infestations around municipal and industrial buildings, as well as in various recreational sites like parks and athletic fields. Tengard can be used as a preconstruction treatment for lumber and logs, preventing subterranean termites from causing damage.

Target Pests

Although it's labeled as a termiticide, it's also an effective insecticide. It targets and controls more than 75 different pest insects and can be used indoors when applied as a spot treatment. It works on subterranean termites and similar wood-damaging pests. Use Tengard One Shot to kill common pest insects like ants, fleas and roaches in and around the building. It's highly effective at killing chiggers in recreational areas, as well as ticks around trees and shrubs.

Tengard SFR Features and Benefits

Tengard has an active ingredient that provides fast and effective insect and termite control. It works quickly and lingers on the application site, preventing an infestation after treatment. It can be used for general pest control, as well as for ornamental insect control and subterranean termite control. It has flexible application options and is pet safe when dry and applied as directed. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Labeled for use as a termiticide and insecticide
  • Has flexible and multiple application options
  • For use in commercial, recreational and residential areas
  • Provides fast, effective and residual insect control
  • Doesn't produce a strong, foul odor when applied

Tengard SFR Gets Rid of Termites and More

Tengard SFR One Shot insecticide and termiticide kills more than 75 different pest species, including resistant pests like ticks and fire ants. It's also effective for stored product pests, killing common insects like meal moths and grain beetles. It can be used as a perimeter treatment, indoor spot treatment, crack and crevice treatment and more. Whether it's to kill and control subterranean termites or to knock out lawn pests, Tengard SFR contains the right formulation to provide fast and long-lasting results.

Manufacturer UPI
Primary Pest General Purpose
Utility  Concentrated Liquid
Active Ingredient Permethrin, Other Ingredients
Composition 36.8%, 63.2%
Container Size 1.25 gallon bottle
Case Amount 4X1.25 gallon bottles
Application Amount See label for details.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
David Robinson
Poor packaging.

I like ordering from you bowever the last shipment i ordered was poorly packaged resulting in a leaking container causing me to loose about half gallon not to mention the mess it made

Todd Spinn

The price was good. The delivery was unbelievable quick. Saved as a new favorite business.

Paul Brostmeyer
Best for insect control

I use this for everything. Ants, wasps, stinkbugs, carpenter bees, you name it, it works on them all.

Kathleen Corton
No more Bees

It fulfilled my expectations. No more bees around the spillway to our pool.

Gaye Bekkelund
Great product

Great product to kill fire ants, pest control outside the house, and won’t hurt your animals

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