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Fire ants and other turf pests cause problems for businesses, homes and recreational sites. Taurus Trio G is a granular insecticide and the answer to pest control problems, giving pest management professionals a fast, effective and long-lasting treatment option in the fight against invasive pests. It contains three ingredients for immediate results and continues to provide effective pest control long after application.

How Taurus Trio G Works

Taurus Trio G contains fipronil, the same active ingredient as Taurus SC, but adds two additional ingredients for even better results: lambda-cyhalothrin and bifenthrin. Fipronil is a GABA inhibitor while bifenthrin is a synthetic pyrethroid for fast, effective knockdown of the insect pests. Lambda-cyhalothrin is also a pyrethroid. These three ingredients combine to create a potent mixture for quick knockdown and long residual activity.

Where to Use Taurus Trio G

Taurus Trio G is labeled for use outdoors in a variety of sites, from residential turfgrass to recreational sports fields, including golf courses. It can be applied using a broadcast or drop spreader and doesn't create a lot of dust, so it keeps the application equipment clean throughout the entire treatment process. Use it to knock out and prevent pest infestations around schools, sod farms, home lawns, commercial landscapes and outdoor containerized nurseries. When used as a fire ant treatment, it provides up to a year of total ant control.

Target Pests

Keeping ticks and fleas off the property isn't always easy. Taurus Trio G contains three-way action to stop ticks and fleas from infesting the lawn. It knocks them down quickly upon contact and ingestion and keeps them from coming back to the treated area. Not only is it effective for flea and tick control but also for eliminating mole crickets and fire ants. It works on many different ant species, preventing large infestations and mound buildup on home lawns and sports fields.

Taurus Trio G Features and Benefits

The three-way formulation makes Taurus Trio G one of the most effective insecticides on the market. It comes in granular form and can be spread easily with a broadcast or drop spreader. Because it creates no dust, there's no worry about clogs in the applicator. Some of the major features and benefits of using Taurus for pest control include:

  • Uses two modes of action to kill the labeled pests
  • Effective for killing and preventing fire ant mounds
  • For use in most turfgrass from lawns to golf courses
  • Provides a clean, uniform application on the target site
  • Delivers fast knockdown and long residual activity

Say Goodbye to Fire Ants with Taurus Trio G

Taurus Trio G was made for fire ant control, providing fast results at the moment of application. It continues to work long after application to keep the fire ants away. It works on other ants in the lawn and will even stop fleas and ticks from infesting the area. This granular insecticide can be used on sports fields, home lawns and commercial landscapes, providing a pest-free area immediately and for months after application.

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    Manufacturer        Control Solutions Inc.
    Active Ingredient        Bifenthrin, Lambda-cyhalothrin, Fipronil, Other         Ingredients
    Composition     .23%, .059%, .0143%, 99.69%
    Application Amount     See label for details.
    Container Size     30 lb bag
    Case Amount     30 lb bags
    Pricing Unit of Measure     BAG(S)
    Weight of Container Size     30
    Restricted Products     Yes


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    Works great

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