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Pest management professionals require a reliable product to kill pests quickly while continuing to kill for months. Sometimes homeowners don't have the budget for professional services and need a professional-quality insecticide to eliminate the pests. Talstar Pro is a high-grade, professional-quality insecticide that works to knock out pest infestations and also delivers residual pest control for up to three months.

How Talstar Pro Works

Talstar Pro, known also as Talstar P, contains the active ingredient bifenthrin. It's a synthetic pyrethroid that mimics the natural pyrethrins found in chrysanthemums. This chemical ingredient works by targeting the insect's central nerve function, causing rapid spasms in the muscles and nerves that leads to paralysis and death. The chemical doesn't provide instant knockdown but will kill overtime while also repelling future infestations in the target area.

Where to Use Talstar Pro

The good thing about Talstar Pro is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors to kill and repel pest insects, including arachnids like spiders and ticks. It's labeled for use around perimeters to keep pests away from buildings, as well as in the lawn to eliminate turf- and plant-damaging insects. Use it around homes and businesses, including municipal buildings and warehouses. It can be highly effective at eliminating pests in kennels, restaurants, hotels and recreational areas like athletic fields and parks. Talstar P is also safe to use in food-handling establishments when applied as directed.

Target Pests

Talstar Pro is labeled to kill more than 75 different pests indoors and outdoors. It knocks out stink bug infestations in the fall and bed bugs all year-round. Use it in the lawn to kill and repel chinch bugs that could cause massive damage to the grass. It kills and repels fleas and ticks, as well as other nuisance outdoor pests like mosquitoes. Apply Talstar P indoors to get rid of spiders and earwigs, including hard-to-kill cockroaches. See the label for even more pest insects.

Talstar Pro Features and Benefits

The flexible application options and long residual control are what make Talstar Pro a preferred pest control product for professionals and DIYers alike. It kills everything from ants to termites and can be used in residential, commercial and recreational settings. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Kills over 75 different pest insects
  • Provides residual pest control for three months
  • Acts as a repellent in the treated area
  • Has no odor and dries clear on surfaces
  • Degrades slowly in the rain and wet areas

Stop Insect Infestations with Talstar Pro

Because of its specialized formulation, Talstar Pro won't stain surfaces or leave behind a nasty residue. It's odorless and doesn't irritate the skin, making it an ideal insecticide to use indoors for pest control. It can be used in food-handling areas and is perfect for termite control, including for eliminating roaches and other unwanted infestations. Whether it's to kill pests in restaurants and hotels or at home in the lawn, Talstar Pro is the ultimate insecticide for professional and DIY pest control.

Manufacturer FMC
Primary Pest General Purpose
Utility  Concentrated Liquid
Active Ingredient Bifenthrin, Other Ingredients
Composition 7.9%,92.1%
Container Size 3/4 gallon jug, Quart, Pint
Case Amount 4(3x4 gallon jug)
Application Amount See label for details.



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