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Bora-Care is an all-in-one product for preventing and controlling various pests in residential and commercial areas. It effectively targets termites and other wood-damaging pests, as well as fungi that grow on wood structures. Dyes can also be added in the mix to help mark application areas. Bora-Care contains a strong active ingredient for better pest control and can be used to treat wall studs, beams and more, protecting buildings during pre- and post-construction.

How Bora-Care Works

Bora-Care contains boron sodium oxide tetrahydrate to stop wood-damaging insects from causing costly wood damage. When applied to wood surfaces, it discourages feeding of termites and other wood eaters. It's also effective against pests that bore holes in wood, such as carpenter ants. It's applied to wooden structures during pre-construction but is mainly used in homes where the chemicals in the wood are no longer active against termites and other insects.

Where to Use Bora-Care Concentrate

Bora-Care is labeled for use both indoors and outdoors but should never be applied directly to the soil. It can be used on most any wood surface to prevent and control wood-eating and boring insect pests. It can be used on apartment buildings, homes, schools and farm buildings, as well as nonfood areas of restaurants and grocery stores. Apply it around plumbing pipes to target the insects where they invade. It's applied easily with a tank sprayer and can be used on most any surface that doesn't come into contact with food.

Target Pests

Bora-Care is specially formulated to kill and control the most common termite species, such as subterranean, drywood and Formosan. It not only works to eliminate colonies from the building but also other wood-damaging insects like old house borers and powderpost beetles. Though carpenter ants don't eat wood, Bora-Care targets and controls infestations. It also works on various fungal infections such as wood decay, brown rot and even algae.

Why Use Bora-Care for Pest Control?

It's important to use Bora-Care to prevent the costly damage that's caused by termites and other wood-destroying insects. It can be used in both pre- and post-construction to keep the wood protected from future damage. It's made from an inorganic salt that doesn't decompose or evaporate off the wood. Bora-Care also continues to work long after application. Some other reasons to use this effective termiticide, insecticide and fungicide include:

  • Applies easily with tank sprayers
  • Provides residual termite control
  • Can be used in residential, commercial and agricultural sites
  • Targets the most common wood-damaging insects
  • Causes starvation and death in the target pests

Bora-Care Exterminates Termites, Ants and Fungi

It doesn't take long for Bora-Care to provide effective termite control in homes, businesses, farms and other sites. It starts to work at the moment of ingestion, disrupting the digestive system and causing starvation in the target pests. Not only does it work on termites and other insects but also on certain fungi such as dry rot and algae. It treats the surface of the wood and prevents termites, powderpost beetles and other wood borers from damaging wooden structures.


Manufacturer Nisus Corporation
Primary Pest Termites
Utility  Concentrated Liquid
Active Ingredient Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate, Other Ingredients
Composition 40%, 60%
Container Size 1 gallon
Case Amount 4x1 gallons
Application Amount See label for details.



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