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It's hard to get rid of ants once an infestation has spread to other parts of the area. Antixx Plus puts an end to ant infestations, using an active ingredient that kills the pests within 48 hours. Not only does it knock down ants quickly, but it also works for up to four weeks after application. Its granular formulation is easy to apply and works everywhere from home lawns to commercial landscapes.

How Antixx Plus Ant Killer Works

Antixx Plus ant bait contains spinosad, an active ingredient that targets the ants' nerve function. Once consumed or contacted, the ingredient goes to work and causes tremors in the ants' muscular system. The effects worsen over time, leading to paralysis and death. In fact, death occurs within two days and affects the entire colony, including the queen. Because it provides residual ant control for a month, there's no worry about the colony reforming.

Where to Use Antixx Granules for Ant Control

Antixx granular ant bait can be used outdoors in areas where ants have built their nests. It's perfect for controlling ant infestations in residential yards and gardens, including commercial lawns and landscaped areas. Use it to control a variety of ant species on recreational sites like golf courses, ball parks and playgrounds. It can also be used for perimeter treatments of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. It kills ants quickly and keeps lawns and landscapes free and clear of ant mounds.

Target Pests

Use this effective and fast-acting ant insecticide to kill sweet-feeding and foraging ants in lawns, gardens and fields. It's labeled for use on numerous ant species, such as big-headed ants, odorous house ants and little black ants. Not only does it kill pavement ants and Argentine ants, but it also kills and controls other turf pests such as:

  • Earwigs
  • Sowbugs
  • Cutworms
  • Snails and slugs
  • Pillbugs

Why Use Antixx Plus Granular Ant Control?

Antixx ant killers come in many different formulations, such as liquids and granules, to kill and control ants. Antixx Plus is a granular insecticide that keeps ants from ruining the beauty of lawns and recreational fields. It works quickly and provides total ant control and elimination in only 48 hours after applying the granules to the area. Some other benefits include:

  • Works through contact and ingestion
  • Contains a naturally occurring active ingredient
  • Treats up to 20,000 square-linear feet
  • Offers residual ant control for up to four weeks
  • Kills the most common ants and other turf pests

Control Ant Infestations With Antixx Plus

Antixx Plus does what other broad-spectrum insecticides fail to do: target and control ants quickly. It works on a wide range of ant species in outdoor areas and also keeps lawns protected from earwigs, slugs and cutworms. It's made for use on golf courses, parks and hotel landscaping, keeping ant mounds from ruining the aesthetic. Whether odorous house ants have infested a home or pavement ants are taking over the walkways, nothing kills and controls the infestations faster than Antixx Plus granular ant bait.


Manufacturer Neudorff®
Primary Pest General Purpose
Utility  Granular
Active Ingredient Iron Phosphate, Spinosad, and Other Ingredients
Composition .97%, .07%, 98.96%
Container Size 5 lb jug or 25 lb bag
Application Amount See label for details.



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Herb Young

Excellent control. Needs some rain for incorporation. Mound treatment seems better tha n broadcast

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