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Drift and evaporation are big problems when applying pesticides on turf and ornamental sites. To help with this, an adjuvant is usually added to the tank-mix. Droplex® Xtra is a superior adjuvant that not only provides the benefits of Droplex but also adds the effectiveness of Gulfstream all in one product. It's the ultimate spreader-sticker, canopy-penetrating, drift management product on the market.

How Droplex Xtra Works

Droplex Xtra is more than an adjuvant. It's a spreader-sticker thanks to the addition of Gulfstream by Heritage PPG. Droplex is a deposition aid, as well as a canopy penetrating and drift control agent. It reduces drift, aids in the deposition of spray droplets on the plant, and helps the pesticide move through the entire canopy. Gulfstream is a spreader-sticker, as well as a penetrant, an acidifier and an antifoaming agent. Together, they form Droplex Xtra, which can be used with most pesticides to increase their effectiveness.

Where to Use Droplex Xtra

Droplex Xtra can be combined as a tank-mix partner and used anywhere most pesticides are applied. Use it whenever it's necessary to reduce drift and to increase the sticking of spray droplets on the target site. Thanks to Gulfstream, the product will spread uniformly over the surface of the plant, which will lead to increased uptake of pesticides or plant nutrients. Use Droplex Xtra in agricultural, recreational, forestry, noncropland and other labeled settings.

Target Uses

Droplex Xtra is designed for use on turfgrass, ornamentals, trees and noncrop areas to improve the effectiveness of fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, plant nutrients and other products. Because it contains Gulfstream, it provides a more uniform spray on the target site. It also helps to reduce the smell of some pesticides, as well as the UV breakdown, helping the product to last longer and work more effectively. As an adjuvant, it keeps drift at a minimum and reduces evaporation even when it's applied in high heat or by air.

Droplex Xtra Features and Benefits

Droplex Xtra has one major advantage over other adjuvant products on the market. It combines the benefits of standard Droplex with the power of Gulfstream. It's two products in one for delivering exceptional sticking, spreading and drift reduction of pesticides and foliar nutrients on the target site. Other features and benefits include:

  • Aids in the deposition of spray droplets on the plant
  • Increases spreading of pesticides and foliar nutrients
  • Minimizes drift and evaporation of the tank-mix
  • Can be used in most any setting from agricultural to recreational
  • Perfect for turf management programs

Droplex Xtra Delivers Superior Results

Combining Droplex with Gulfstream creates a powerful adjuvant system for use in recreational, commercial, agricultural and other settings. It not only enhances the effectiveness of pesticides and plant nutrients but also improves spreading and sticking of spray droplets. Droplex Xtra penetrates dense canopies and manages drift to get the most out of pesticide use. Whether it's for commercial turf or ornamental plantscapes, nothing helps aid in deposition, drift and antifoaming quite like Droplex Xtra from Heritage PPG.

Manufacturer Heritage PPG
Primary Pest General Purpose
Utility  Adjuvant
Active Ingredient Modified vegetable oil, alkyl phenol ethoxylate, vegetable oil
Composition 95%
Container Size 2.5 gallon
Case Amount 2x2.5 GA
Application Amount See label for details.



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