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Breeze® is an effective adjuvant system that can be used in many different pesticide spray mixtures. It's a multi-component system consisting of three different agents to improve uptake on turf, ornamentals and other labeled sites. Not only is it labeled for use with various pesticides but also plant nutrients, helping the vegetation to receive water and other nutrients more easily.

How Breeze Adjuvant System Works

Breeze adjuvant contains three components: an acidifying agent, a water conditioner and a nonionic surfactant. The first ingredient acts on the pH level of the spray solution, preventing unnecessary pesticide degradation. The second ingredient changes the water quality for the better, reducing overall water hardness. The last ingredient is the nonionic surfactant. It's often used in the spray tank with herbicides to deliver better uniform coverage, helping the weed killers penetrate the plants more effectively.

Where to Use Breeze Adjuvant System

Breeze is certified by the Chemical Products and Distributors Association, making it a high-quality and reliable product for use on the labeled sites. It can be used on turfgrass and ornamentals, as well as in and around aquatic areas. Use it on industrial vegetation management sites with different pesticides or plant nutrients. It helps the pesticides last longer by lowering the pH level. Because it contains Max-In technology, Breeze improves uptake by the plants.

Target Uses

Hard water and high pH levels reduce the effectiveness of herbicides. For one, hard water reduces herbicide efficacy, meaning the absorption by the plant's leaves is significantly reduced. When applying herbicides with hard water and high pH, the products won't produce nearly as effective results at the application site. Breeze eliminates these problems by lowering pH and conditioning the water. It helps the leaves more easily absorb minerals when using nutrient products. Fighting weeds is also easier since they can absorb the active ingredients more quickly.

Benefits of Using Breeze Adjuvant

One advantage of using the Breeze multi-component adjuvant system is its effect on the spray solution. Using herbicides without adding Breeze reduces the effectiveness of the active ingredients. It's easy to mix in the tank with the herbicides and can be applied to turf, ornamentals, industrial vegetation and aquatic plants. It can be used with all types of pesticides as well as plant nutrients and applied in a variety of sites. Some benefits and features include:

  • Reduces the hardness of the water
  • Lowers the pH level in the spray solution
  • Improves efficacy on the plant's leaves
  • Contains a proprietary technology for improved uptake
  • Can be combined with most pesticides and nutrients

Breeze Provides Many Benefits in One

Why mix in a surfactant or a water conditioner when you can get three components with one bottle of Breeze? It mixes in easily and immediately lowers the pH level of the water, reducing pesticide degradation. The added water conditioner prevents hard water interference. Lastly, the nonionic surfactant reduces surface tension and helps improve more uniform coverage of the pesticide. Whether it's used on turfgrass or to treat weeds, Breeze improves the spray solution and the overall effectiveness of the application.



Manufacturer Heritage PPG
Utility  Adjuvant
Active Ingredient Saccharides, alkyl polyglucose, ammonium sulfate, Other Ingredients
Container Size 2.5 Gallon
Application Amount See label for details.


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